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  1. Human Trafficking

    WHAT?! lol
  2. Sex

    ew lol
  3. Which Cars/ Vehicles Would you like to see?

    I tried to like this lol but I ran out of my likes for the day sooo *THUMBS UP* I grew up riding in one a lot.
  4. Which Cars/ Vehicles Would you like to see?

    I like everyone's vehicle choices it will bring a good variety to choose from. Scooters would be really cute to ride around in. I'd like to drive a mustang. .Oh an a truck... dang it I want so much!.
  5. Sex

    What games is that? just curious
  6. Sex

    Yea I ignore them too lol. We're going to run into kids on this game like any other game which unfortunately means there will sadly be annoying squeakers slaying the crap out of our ears giving us headaches! so I'm sure we'll have the option to mute and block people.
  7. Police Radio

    That would be cool.
  8. Sex

    Calm down...I wasn't saying it would be Asylums fault I was just stating the obvious kids will find a way to play with or without parents permission.. So adults just need to be a little more careful who they talk to is all.
  9. Sex

    Doesn't matter if the game is 18+ children will STILL play it just like they play every other "mature" game like GTA for example.... I've seen 10 year olds playing it online smh.
  10. Sex

    EH I don't care for that I get laid lol
  11. Things To Do As A Hobo

    oh my goodness lmao!! we can be hobos!