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  1. Refund?

    Might have to wait a bit of time. I'm around almost 3 months since i first sent an email to john and have patiently been waiting for my refund request while the moderators have been very kind to help along the process as much as they can.
  2. Refund from guest paypal

    I was able to contact paypal for the transaction receipt and now just waiting for identity to accept the send and request option.
  3. Refund Please Help

    I'm in a month plus waiting myself hoping to get this over with as it has just become a real annoyance. Seems the only way to get a reply at this point is by sending constant emails as they seem to forget.
  4. Refund Help

    I've been waiting a month also until about week ago i actually got a reply from john asking for account info but since then haven't received an email in about a week now.