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  1. System Build Suggestions

    I would rather play 60fps @ 1440 then 144fps @ 1080. 60 is still smooth, but the resolution is killer. If you get a 1070 used you will save a shit ton of money.
  2. System Build Suggestions

    Never cheap out on a monitor, it's the only part of the computer you are constantly looking at! You can try places like craigslist or LetGo to get good deals on GPUs. That's how the IT community has been surviving the last few months.
  3. System Build Suggestions

    Popstar, I highly recommend you allocate some of the funds of your PC into your monitor. 1440p is a sweet spot rn and it looks beautiful. also, getting a 144hz refresh rate monitor is highly recommended. I run all of my games fine with a 2560x1440 144hz monitor with an i5-8400 and GTX 1070 (OC).
  4. Beach

    Can we change the interior of a business property like we would our house?