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Salutations everyone! @Beach_Ball here with a quick intro message!

Identity is really starting to gain a following! We’ve seen plenty of new users over the past month become immersed within the community on both the forums and the discord! It’s a great time to be a fan of the project, as we’re extremely close to f i n a l l y announcing the release date of module one! Many curious gamers have found their way onto the scene to see what the buzz is all about, and we’re sure to find even more new faces when we get something playable into the hands of the supporters!

That being said, with more users comes more responsibility, and we could really use some new moderators to help with keeping our community a friendly place! We want the forums and discord to be mediums where users may carry engaging discussions about Identity without the threat of being harassed or threatened.

This isn’t to say that we don’t accept people offering constructive criticism! We want our community to offer a healthy discussion that aims to make Identity the best it can possibly be! We’re moreso looking for additional assistance with monitoring the bad eggs who join to deliberately disrupt and grief others.

While forum activity is highly valued, participation in the discord will also be weighted in the decision. It won’t be as important as forum activity, but will still assist an applicant quite well! Discord is a far quicker medium for discussion, and we may need moderators to be able to deal with intense disputes that can crop up rather quickly (providing they’re active and don’t mind getting @’d).

Utilising correct grammar and syntax is also a great trait to have under your belt! This mostly concerns forum activity, as discord’s environment doesn’t necessitate perfect spelling and punctuation. An occasional spelling error won’t hurt your case too much on the forums, but please keep in mind that we wish to be as professional as possible when answering questions and solving the issues that users might have!

Finally, an excellent feature for a moderator to have is the capability to demonstrate a good sense of empathy. As the great and wise Motown once said, empathy can be seen as “being able to understand how others feel.” Having a human approach to situations that demand attention plays a huge part in keeping the community happy! By providing robotic responses and instantly dismissing users who may have unintentionally broken the rules, a moderator might end up contributing to a bad situation! It’s important to understand where someone is coming from, and to give others a chance to explain their situation regarding a dispute where possible. Patience obviously degrades with repeated offenders who seek to solely incite negative responses, but for first offenders, we’re looking for mods who might try to relieve some of the blame by relating to their actions (while still letting them know that they broke the rules and that it’s not okay to do so)!

Sorry for the long spiel, I’ll let the wise mods take over from here and initiate the application process! Have a good one everyone, and good luck!


Greeting everyone, HairyGrenade here;

We are looking to add some more moderators for the Identity forum. You will be given one week to complete and submit an application where we will then review all entries and message the new moderators. Follow this thread for updates. If you are interested in being the next moderator, please private message me or @LuckyDuck with the following details:


Message Subject - Forum Moderator Application

Content: Name, age, languages you speak, how much do you know about Identity, how much do you know about the forum rules, any past experience on moderation of any kind, why do you think you can be a good moderator, how much time you can spend on forum moderation, more about you to get to know you better, what would be the first thing you would do as a new moderator, and anything else related you can think of.


New Moderators will be announced after few days of taking applications. Those who previously messaged me about their interest please enter the application in such a way.

We will consider each application but here are few things that can give you an advantage or indicate a red light:


1. Forum activity

2. Discord activity

3. Positive interaction posts/comments

4. Well put application

5. Past experience

6. High involvement on the forums


Red lights:

1. Previous warning points

2. Very new forum profiles

3. Low activity on the forums or discord

4. Negative forum or discord interactions with other users, etc.


Thank you and we look forward to finding the right fit to ensure the best experience on the Identity forum as discord. We will also be preparing a moderator guide as well as instructions for the newly selected moderators so be prepared to accept an NDA.



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The applications are no longer open!

Thank you for all who applied for a position and if you missed it this time, there will likely be a next time! Good Luck to all Applicants!


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