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Yes there will be an entire map full of purchasable, or rentable, houses and apts. Houses can only be owned by one person at any one time, on a specific server. Going to another server houses will be owned by different people. But apt buildings will be limitless housing, in a sense. As long as it is a residential dwelling it will be available to rent or buy.  

This is one thing I never got about GTA V...Why they limited where you could live. I didn't see why they didn't have any residential house for people to own and live in, around the map. Then there would be more spread out pools of people. Instead of have like 20 places where u could buy a condo...all over the map. From the lil house in the stix to the sprawling mansions, and everything in between. I really cannot wait for this experience to begin, the anticipation is killing me. I just want to start exploring, and looking for hidden things in the world as I play.

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