Krimson Kingz (Previous Arma 3 Life Players Prefered)

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Attention Identity players, especially those who I have played with on the asylum gaming servers!

We are a gang founded purely by old Arma 3 players who have been excited about this games release for a long time now. We are full of experienced individuals and now well how the asylum gaming economy works, and is run. We will only take experienced players, who understand the criminal economy of such games. To submit an application and get access to our discord publish an application here.

Our Back Story

A group of misfits in the old fishing Island of Altis, a small group of men struggled to survive. They refused to merge with the rest of society, training in rebel arts and driving box trucks in the dead of night to harvest coca leaves.They earned a lot of respect, and a large amount of cash, but were forced to leave when too many people were coming to the island and ruining the good society these men helped build. In a desperate attempt to find a place to settle down and gain that dominance again, these men have thrown away their previous identities, and changed their gang name in an effort to a fresh start in the world of Identity. Finally, after years of drifting through different societies and islands in the world of Arma they knew they found a final resting place here. And they plan on making it their world now...

What We Major In!

   Associates in Applied Sciences in Drug Trafficking

   Bachelor in the Arts of Thievery / Robbing

   Double Majoring in Killers/ Hitmen

   Masterate Program of Hijacking

   And a Doctorate of DRUG MANUFACTURING

Our Ranking System


Under Boss





Block Thug

Street Thug


Thinking About Joining? I knew you would!

Application Guideline:

In-Game Name:


Mic (Y/N):

Previous Experience (Include hours played on Arma) :

Why you would like to join:

Thank you all! and we will keep you posted as events develop.



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