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Name: "Aldo Leo."

Age: "26"

Race: "Italian..Strictly Italian."

From: "Naples, Italy" 

Appearance: "5'11, clean shaving, guinea..."

Attire: "I prefer to wear Italian tailored suit's.." 

Job: "Do ya really want me to say it?....Fine..I'm one of those guys you would see in Good Fellas, or The Godfather.....A Wiseguy, A Mobster, Mafioso, whatever you would like to call it."

Detail of house: "Ya want my ATM PIN code too?...Forgeta Bout It."

Detail of Vehicle: "Preferably a Muscle car, or a Cadilac...Either one will work."

Personality: "I ain't gonna lie, I'm brutally honest and a huge asshole....But I'm willing to give someone respect if they deserve it...."

Background: Aldo is a classical tough guy who grew up in Naples Italy, his father, uncles, brothers, were all connected with the Genovese Crime Family. Aldo began his life of crime at the earliest age of 19, after graduating from his private school, he quickly got to work with his family, running chop shops and illegal card games for his older brother Marco, and his father Daniel Leo. After the passing of Vincent'The Chin' Giagante, Aldo's father: Daniel, was promoted to boss and now held control of the family. Upon having his new promotion, Daniel sent Aldo over to the island of Identity, to see what his son could do on his own. Aldo was given permission to join other crime families, and in which began his test. Aldo is currently eager to back to business and start up something in Identity, not wanting to disappoint his father.


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Name: Tumbaktu Pepper


Age: 21


From (City, Country): Karachi, Pakistan


Appearance (Body, Face): 6'0''. Lean, but muscular.


Attire: Arabic Robe


Job: Professional Prankster


Details of House: He doesn't have a house. He sleeps in the hospital after all the daily beatings he gets.


Details of Car/Vehicle: May rent a stray horse to portray superiority.


Personality: Annoying, Not easily angry.


Background:  Parents died in a US drone strike, moved to US to avenge dead parents. Became internet sensation, and started a multi-channel prank career. 

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Name: Gabe King
Age: 21
From (City, Country): L.A California
Appearance (Body, Face): pretty muscular body, " pretty boy " face and hair
Attire: mostly street fashion for everyday attire. For formal a business casual look
Job: young aspiring entrepreneur
Detail of House: pent house with a 5 car garage
Detail of Car/ Vehicle: for the everyday driver a custom 2011 mustang, for the show off car a lomborghini aventador, for the races an r35 and an escalade for the road trips
Personality: fun, charismatic, lady killer, positives, big dreamer, determined, money maker.
Background: he grew up in a middle class family with devorced parents who got along. His dad owns a phone store and his mom cleans houses for a living. Ever since he was young his dad has told him that he wanted him to buy him a Ferrari. He became obsessed with becoming a millionare and he will do whatever it takes to become one and buy his dad his dream Ferrari, even if it means breaking a few laws.

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Name:Joeseph Steele


From:Leningrad, Current Day St.Petersburg

Apperance: Strong and Muscular, broken nose, a scar stretching from his brow to his hair line.

Attire: Suit with Sunglasses.

Job: Personal Security/ Bodyguard. 

Detail of House: Wherever my Employer is. 

Detail of Car: Armored Tahoe. Black.

Personality: Strong, loyal, brave, untrusting, and quiet.

Backround: Unknown 

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Name: Jules (Giulia) Pinke

Age: 23

From: Milan, Italy

Appearance: Skinny, but not too skinny, straight (or wavy) long light pink hair and a tattoo of a cannibal mermaid on her neck. Her face is quite simple, she has red lips with a rounded cupid's bow, she has blue flirty eyes. She also has a mole in the north-west region of the mouth.

Attire: High waist jeggings, a pink and black corset with a sexier version of an open black business jacket buttoned only at the waist. Black 20cm (7.8 inches) high heels.

Job: Stylist

Detail of House: Flat at first, then a big modern mansion with a big pink diamond statue in the driveway.

Detail of Car: 1 beige Mercedes S Cabrio, 1 black Lexus RX, 1 yellow Jeep Wrangler, 1 Pink 1959 Ford Thunderbird

Personality: Sassy, Ironic, kind when needed, happy, brave-ish, dominant

Background: Jules lived in Milan for her whole life. She studied Fashion in her Hometown and now she's ready to prove the world how badass and amazing she is.

Her Grandma a few months ago and she inherited a flat from her.





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Name: Алексей " Рэктэр" Табаков Alexei "Rekter" Tabakov
Age: 32
From (City, Country): Псков Pskov
Appearance (Body, Face): Balding, slick and somewhat muscular
Attire: Cargo pants and a T-shirt
Job: Criminal, drug trafficker
Detail of House: A nice house in middle of the forest with 2 stories and an attic. The living room connects to every room downstairs, and upstairs is 1 big room with a bed and a computer.
Detail of Car/ Vehicle: A pickup truck
Personality: Crazy, aggressive, impatient

Background: Alexey is from the motherland. He was raised in a poor family in pskov. His father was an abuser, that did all the work with the children of the family. Alexey had a brother to help him do the work. One day when Alexey was the age of 16, he stood up to his father and decided to end his abuse. A fight started between Alexey and his father. This fight lasted for about 10 minutes, and Alexey ended up being defeated and driven out from his home to the unknown. He became depressed. He wasn't old enough to drink so he had nothing to relief his worries. He was now poor, no family, no roof on top of his head. Weeks pass, and Alexey falls deeper and deeper into his depression. He has literally nothing to do in life expect worry about the future. Then, he notices a local police recruitment poster. Knowing that he is capable of doing the job, he takes it. He starts a police career. He became a riot cop, since he had the physical advantage in that job. He later became known as the riot cop to fear, since he was strong and aggressive. For these attributes, the higher ups decided to make better use of him. They moved him into Takistan, the place of extreme crimes. The place was full of drugs, violence and murder. This part of Alexey's life was mostly shootouts, drug bust and bodyguarding. In Takistan, he learned a lot about the drug industry and cartels. One day, he responded to an emergency call at the bank. He was the first on the scene, since he was just on a patrol route to the bank. Turns out, it was a bank robbery. The instant he investigates the scene, bullets start flying. Alexey get's into cover. He is now in full panic, sweating. He is alone, under fire by god knows how many different suspects. He requests for backup, and they tell Alexey that special forces van is coming in soon. He waits a few minutes under fire, and the van arrives. The special forces hop out, and get instantly slaughtered. Alexey looks at the body pile, shocked. He sees his commander and trainer, dead on the ground. He snaps. His panic is now gone. His feelings are gone. He loads lethals, and starts firing back. He kills one of the suspects, and rest duck and cover. Alexey walks out of his cover, running towards the bank. The suspects have been broken to 3 teams of 2. He starts wandering around the bank. He goes to the spot where he killed the first suspect. His comrade is right next to him, checking if he is okay. The suspect sees Alexey, and fires at him with his pistol, and hits him in his upper lip. Alexey punches him back, knocks him unconscious, grabs the pistol on the ground and goes after the other suspects. Beyond this point, you can believe any story you want. He is fired for murder, but not necessarily put into jail since there is no evidence. Alexey can now be found at the bar at almost any day, any time. His buddy, Vladislav, sees him at the bar and comes up to him, and suggests that they both move to the new island, Altis and start fresh again. Alexey accepts, since Takistan has nothing left for him. His buddy, Vladislav is a former drug manufacturer, and they both agree to start a criminal life. First off some casual tries with weed, then robbing other manufacturers and murdering them. This gets SWAT attention and they quickly get surrounded in a 2 story building. They both decide to jump from the balcony. On the back yard is an inexperienced SWAT unit who stuns them both with the element of surprise. They have earned their first jail time. After they are released, much heavier crimes are committed by Alexey, but Vladislav decides to stay in the smaller business. Alexey never became a successful drug baron, and is currently in jail. But he has heard of this new island near USA, and he is planning to move there after he is released, together with Vladislav of course. There, they will start a cartel, and they are planning to become something big.

Sidenotes: Alexey is not insane, just mentally unstable. This causes him to act very randomly, and this is not the best trait when combined with aggression. He may even murder for no apparent reason if he feels like it, as there are no humane barriers restricting him. He does have feelings, but they are very deep hidden inside his ice cold and dead heart, and this part of him opens only to his friends and allies.

Edited by Rekter
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Name:                                           Shimozukachi Hindenburg
Age:                                              19
From (City, Country):                     [nothing for your], Germany
Appearance (Body, Face):            1,9 meter
Attire:                                             dark grey hoodie with high collar, wayfarer glasses (matt black painted frame)
Job:                                               detective
Detail of House:                            penthouse in a skyscraper (if it's not possible to use it on every server most probably a luxury apartment or a yacht)
Detail of Car/ Vehicle:                   ever heard of a coupe?
Personality:                                   friendly human that'S always trying to avoid a conflict. not much to tell. mostly playing games.
Background:                                  previously a bnd (german nsa) agent. got fired because of trolling the chased criminals. to be exactly:

                                                      planted c4 on the chased criminals's car, exploded it, it flew into a mansion and done.

hates:                                            annoying community members since usernet

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Name: Michael 'Duke' Thatcher
Age: 57
From (City, Country): London, England
Appearance (Body, Face): Heavily Built, Old But Still Young Looking Face, Short Grey Stubble, Grey Slick Back Hair Shaved At The Sides, Tattoos On Arms And Back.
Attire: Black Boots, Tattered Jeans, White Shirt, Black & Blue Checkered Hoodie, Sleeveless Leather Jacket (With MC Insignia), Red & White Face Balaclava, Tinted Black Thick Framed Glasses, Stahlhelm Helmet With Goggles.
Job: International President Of BCR MC
Detail of House: Tatty and messy house with beer bottles and fag ends everywhere.
Detail of Car/ Vehicle: Harley Davidson Street Bob
Personality: Low Voice, Cautious, Paranoid, Angered, Rude
Background: My Background

Edited by Herzog
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Name: Ellie
Age: 22
From (City, Country): Portland, Oregon
Appearance (Body, Face): She's pretty lean, but not muscular. Has light brown skin and brown and curly hair. She also has hazel eyes and is 5 feet and 4 inches tall (However, she likes to argue she's, at least, 5'5). 
Attire: Wears flannel and black skinny jeans when not working. Otherwise, she likes to dress pretty comfortably. 
Job: Farmer
Detail of House: A small farm house up in the mountains. Somewhat dainty looking and has an old-fashioned look to it. 
Detail of Car/ Vehicle: A red or blue pickup truck to drive into the city. For a nice joy ride, she opts for a mountain bike.
Personality: Quiet, funny around her friends, caring, honest, and hard working. 
Background: Ellie used to live in the heart of Portland, working as an accountant for her father's company. After some family troubles, she decided to pack her things and escape from all of the drama. A friend of hers showed her a brochure for Identity Island, and off she went! Since she's always had a love of animals and nature, she became a farmer! Although she has no experience whatsoever working on a farm, she hopes to make some new friends at her new home and enjoy the fresh air!

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Just realized...that my character is sooooo old compared to everyone else. Someone make an oldie to hang out with meat the bar :D 

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12 hours ago, Herzog said:

Just realized...that my character is sooooo old compared to everyone else. Someone make an oldie to hang out with meat the bar :D 

I thought i was old compared to the others who are like 22...

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Name:Robbie mohan
Age: 18
From (City, Country): Identity City
Appearance (Body, Face):  muscular tall  
Attire: black suit 
Job: firearm dealer/pmc 
Detail of House:large house 
Detail of Car/ Vehicle: black car 
Personality:Respecting, friendly 
Background: came from a family of drug dealers 

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Name: Kevin McNabb
DOB: 9/17/1993 (22 as of making this)
From (City, Country): Abbotsford, Canada
Appearance (Body, Face): 5'10, Muscular, Medium length messy brown hair, Bright blue eyes, Stubble
Attire: In the summer/spring a pair of shorts and a plain t-shirt, when it gets colder a pair of blue jeans and a red plaid flannel jacket
Job: Racer/Mechanic
Detail of House: A small house with a large garage outfitted with the tools to work on his cars

Detail of Car/ Vehicle: 1969 Ford mustang gt fastback dark green with a black racing strip, A matte black BMW M3 with blacked out windows, and many more for various jobs

Personality: Easy going most of the time, but has a serious temper if his cars are messed with, has a distrust of cops
Background: Kevin McNabb (Born Kevin McMillan) grew up in a suburb Abbotsford British Columbia, where from a young age he had a interest in cars. By age ten his dad had taught him how to do some basic work on cars such as a oil change. When he entered high school at age 14, he took mechanics and quickly rose to the top of the class, and by age 16 he had completely rebuilt a cars engine. At age 17 he got his drivers licence, followed by his first speeding ticket three days later. During the last half of grade twelve he got a job at a local mechanics, helping out with odd jobs in the shop after school. After he graduated he was offered a full time position at the garage. During that summer a close friend of his introduced him to street racing, which he then quickly excelled at. A week after turning 21 he was offered a spot in the biggest race in north america, starting in Calgary Alberta, going all the way down to Mexico City. With over 200 people taking part in the race he knew that he needed a better car for this race, and proceeded to borrow 50 thousand dollars to cover his entry, and buying/modifying a new car. He had borrowed the money from some people you wouldn't want to owe 50 cents to. The grand prize for the race was 750,000 dollars, and he knew that he could win it. While driving between Denver and Colorado Springs, the police began to chase him, with the chase going on for close to a hour, when Kevin lost control of his car going over 150 km/h. The car flipped close to a dozen times according to witnesses, but due to the roll cage that had been added in Kevin managed to come out relatively uninjured. Upon leaving the car, a trigger happy officer thought he was going to try to run and proceeded to shoot him in the shoulder. After spending a year and a half in prison for reckless driving, street racing, and several other charges, the people that Kevin had borrowed the money from came looking for him, so that is when he changed his name to Kevin McNabb and moved to the island of Identity.  

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1 hour ago, DominikOnPc said:

Name: Sarah Allah
Age: 69
From (City, Country): Pakistani
Appearance (Body, Face): Large chunky women, w/big baboons
Attire: What ever this means
Job: Prostitute
Detail of House: Cardboard box under a bridge
Detail of Car/ Vehicle: Tricycle
Personality: Seducing bitch, horny, sweet, and impatient as fuck
Background: Secretly part of Al-Qaeda, ISIS and KKK

seriously? a terrorist? it'S funny that your character is a poor terrorist but a terrorist?! i hate terrorists.

Edited by Shimozukachi
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15 minutes ago, Shimozukachi said:

seriously? a terrorist? it'S funny that your character is a poor terrorist but a terrorist?! i hate terrorists.

I thought the same thing. I think they should rethink their choice. I know that the game gives the choice to the player but really. Thats not funny

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Name: James Pain 
Age: 45
From (City, Country): Russia 
Appearance (Body, Face): Long black hair and beard , strong body ,  small arms .
Attire:White shirt with holster and black or red tie (He changes them) , black pants , black strict shoes.
Detail of House:Small appartament, with 3 rooms
Detail of Car/ Vehicle:None, using the taxi 
Personality:Rude,Pensive and Single.But have a kind heart 
Background:His childhood gone in Russia, served in army , later work in police, in 90 emigrated to USA, now , to island identity

Edited by VictorGolem
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Name: Jonathan Taylor

Age: 20

From (City, Country): Unknown Village, England

Appearance (Body, Face): Young muscular body. Tattoos on his back and both arms. Bleached white Mid length hair longer at the front waxed into a ducktail, Short, scruffy stubble or goatee. Brown eyes. Lower arms mainly covered in oil and muck.

Attire: Tatty and baggy, oil covered jeans worn slightly below his boxers. White t shirt with spots of oil on them when working. Designer black tshirt when not. Small gold chain around his neck. More chains and bling when out. Fancy military style watch. Black and yellow rigger gloves. Black and neon green trainers. Black, thick framed Ray-Ban Glasses. Nose ring on right side. Wheres a red and black hoodie when not working. Wears a black and red snapback.

Job: Head Mechanic for Underground Racing

Detail of House: Small 2 bedroom apartment. Surprisingly clean. Spends most of his time at the Underground Racing chop shop working on cars.

Detail of Car/ Vehicle:
White Subaru Impreza WRX STI fitted with a tuned engine and an illegal exhaust which wakes the neighbors.

1967 Black Ford Shelby GT 500 with white racing stripes down the middle. Mainly uses it at the race track. 

2008 Orange Dodge Challenger

Blue 1970 Plymouth Superbird. Mainly uses it when attending classic car shows.

Rally Spec BMW X5 with roof rack and spare wheels. Dakar Rally livery. Used when he was in the Dakar rally as a support team member. Uses it now for rallys.

Personality: He is rather rough around the edges but when you get to know him he comes out as a very friendly person who is willing to give a helping hand to most. Can be quite stubborn at times. Very depressed after what happened between him and his girlfriend. He likes to go on long drives on his own late at night and like to meetup with his friend/boss Kevin (@Dekan) at the local coffee store and other places. He really enjoys himself when around cars and will work on cars for days.

Background: Link to background

Edited by Herzog
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On 20.03.2016 at 10:15 PM, VictorGolem said:


On 14.03.2016 at 10:56 PM, Shimozukachi said:



Comrade detective, hello xD

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Name: Lorenzo esposito

Age: 23

From (City,Country): Italy

Appearance (Body, Face): 6'1 Average, fit. Brown eyes, Brown hair, moustache and Beard. Tattoos on the neck and on both arms.



Job: Bar man part-time, I attend the university.

Detail of house: Loft


Detail of car: 


Personality: Solitary, funny, nice.

Background: I'm a drug addict,. I gave problems to my parents and I  had many love stories, but my personality is not easy.

I moved to identity for start a new life and look for opportunities.




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Name: Mike P.

Age: 25

From: Geneva, Switzerland

Appearence: Black,5"9, Avg. Body type, black hair, glasses

Attire: Brown Leather Jacket, White T-shirt, Jeans, boots, Sunglasses,Baseball cap

Job: Over the road(OTR) truck diver in the U.S.A. Hauling refrigerated freight coast to coast.

Detail of house: Slepper Cab

Detail Car/ Vehicle: Volvo VNL 780 and 2015 Ford Mustang

Personality: Caring, fair, calm, loves basketball.

Background: Was born into a rich family in Seatle. No brothers just 3Be came interested in  sisters. Parents wanted me tobe  an entrepeneur/banker in NY. Became interseted in trucks when a semi pulled up next to our car and let osse with its air horns and drove off with a 700 hp engine. The dream is always alive. Parents didnt accept my carrer path so quit college and moved in with a friend on the road. Life has been good so far...i hope for the best.


Edited by BigMike

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Name: Jacob Gatuzzi

Age: 11/04/1984 - 32 years old soon.

From: Sorrento, Italy

Appearance: 1,88m/6'1 (did the math right?), nothing distinctive except glasses that he changes sometimes to lenses.

Attire: Mostly something like this


Job: Manager (owner) of a music label and radio station - Future Sound©  and the radio station - Future Sessions One©.

Detail of House: Contemporary, medium-size with garage space and large balcony.


Detail of Car/Vehicle: Pearl black 2015 Audi A8 D4 4.2TDI - chip tuned from 385hp and 850Nm to 415hp and 980Nm.


Personality: Responsible, reasonable, honest, fair and kind. Team player, loves football and is addicted to music aswell as the feeling of acceleration.

Background: Born in Italy, but after 4 years moved to Tenby in UK due to the fact, that his dad was offered a great job there - interior designer. Language learning wasn't hard since he barelly could speak Italy aswell, so the Italy was only the place he was born - not the place he lived for a whole life. Went to school and studied Graphic Design. At the age of 24 tried making music, but failed since he enjoyed listening more than making it. So after 1 year opened a music label - Future Sounds. Thanks to his dad, it quickly turned into success due to promotion and a "little bit" of money for start. It's still running, but now whole studio has moved to Identity Island (forgot the name if there was any) and additionaly started radio channel named Future Sessions One. 

Probably whole concept of character will turn into bullshit since I might not be able to open music label. Fml.

Edited by Jacob
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Name: John Gotti
Age: 38
From (City, Country): Born NY, adopted at 13 by Yamaguchi-gumi underboss and left at the age of 33
Appearance (Body, Face): Had black-ish grey-ish hair, slim in his mids but stills tries to train to keep his body fit enough for the ladies. Tattoo's that shows the colors of dark green, dark wine red, dark sun yellow, and black in a form of the chest and down towards the lenghts of the end of his arms. Shoulder and back is tattoo'ed too with the same colors and it is all representing the events throughout the life I had so far.
Attire: Something among this on business days.

Job: Owner of an investment corporation named the Famtiano Family. Privately invested.
Detail of House: Maybe I have one, maybe I don't. Feds won't know but the details and furniture within the house stays classy. However the kitchen will be modern.
Detail of Car/ Vehicle: No personal car/s. Only business cars. Fav. cars to pick, Audi A6 model 2015.c905aeab18a15c0bc6b3778184a7ab7222ba4b9b
Personality: Clever, Lucky, charismatic, soft on the inside within private life, ambitious, does not hesitate to take action


Been in Brooklyn since I was a kid, however once I grew up a bit around 8-9  I saw the underworld with my own eyes, my father always told me to stay away of those people with tailored black suits standing at the corner of a street right next to our small apartment house. However one day they showed their colors of course I fell in love with their style. I was around 13 when my parents got killed, they owned some money to someone, not the italian-american mob down the street but some Asian looking people six blocks down. They talked Japanese of course I did not know that at the time, hell I was only 13 just on the tip of knowing how to curse on Italian.

              They looked at me with a smile, calling their boss. Then they blindfolded me for about 28 hours. Now, I was 13 and I saw the dark for freaking 28 hours, hearing only small but scary laughing and a big engine sound. Yep I was now surrounded by the Asian people with one guy who seem to talk english. He explained that the debt of my parants was too big for me to handle and that I needed to work for them. Child Slavory you might say, well, I guess but the things I learned, arh best times of my life even if I got hit up some nasty scars under my chin. I worked up the ranks to be accepted by the Bosu ( The boss of the Yakuza in the Yamaguchi-gumi which was where I was) he accepted me as an adopted child he said which means I got the respect and trust from more than enough people. It got to a time where I wanted to expand myself, I had paid my debt already with over half a million dollars in bonus. Not much compared to what the Yamaguchi-Gumi actually made one year which was over 25b, can't remember if it was American currentcy or the Japanese currentcy. Anyhow the number is big anyways I thought.

I needed to expand on my own, so I had a long "fatherly" talk with the man that accepted me first. Who taught me business and what to do if someone declines. That is how I ended up here on Identity, hell where do I start, I have already gathered up some people and defently some good associates. I will not leave too fast and I will defently keep my promise to keep the Yakuza blood and yet also my real blood in me. For the sake of a difference. I will expand, and I will lead. If you fight your way  to the food chain of power then be ready to meet hypocrisy and casualities. 



Edited by FlyingDuck
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Name: Tom
Age: yes
From (City, Country): i come from a land down under (also known as Australia) 
Appearance (Body, Face): no idea yet

Job: what ever comes along  (most likely landlord) 
Detail of House: not sure ill wait till the upcoming video comes out
Detail of Car/ Vehicle: depends on what i like
Personality: try to make the fun out of everything and be friend to all              (EVERYTHING....&....EVEREYONE)
Background: not quite sure yet

Edited by tom

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