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Gun Control-

I personally believe that every citizen of Identity should have access to firearms (with some exceptions). I think that it is crucial for people to have this right because if the government and cops have all the guns then they can do whatever they want to the civilian population of this island. This would also heavily fuel the illegal weapons trade which would result in more deaths and crime. Another point that I would like to make is that it's not the law-abiding citizens who you have to worry about, it's the criminals who are going to get guns anyway and commit their crime. I want people to be able to defend themselves from these criminals. After all it is every man's inalienable right to bear arms!

Now to the exceptions that I was talking about. These would be people who have been convicted of violent crimes or have been hospitalized for mental health issues in the past. They will not be allowed to purchase a firearm. Violent crimes include robbery, murder, illegal affiliated gang involvement, and many more.

Legal firearms will include pistols,rifles, and shotguns that are not automatic. You will need to get a special permit to carry an automatic rifle from the governmental office. You will also have to submit to a background check. If you want to purchase a civilian grade weapon (semi-auto) you will need a licence (the licence you can get from the gun store) and have to submit to a background check as well.

My last point on this issue is that banning all guns will hurt a crucial legal business and that is gun trading/selling or manufacturing. This would cut jobs and make people poorer in the end. This would also shift the money supposed to be going into law abiding citizen's pockets to gangs and underground dealers thus promoting more crime.


I believe that the legalization of marijuana is inevitable. This is going to be important for the citizens of the great island of identity and will help stimulate the economy. You may smoke it freely!

The way I would set it up is that you must get a permit and storefront to sell marijuana. You can only sell in those stores to protect the integrity of the businesses that choose to sell. There will be a small tax on the sale of marijuana.

Anyone caught trying to undercut the tax and legit businesses by selling the drug will be fined heavily. Although there will be no jail time since this is not considered a violent crime unless involved with a gang known to be violent. You will only get fines starting with 50$ on the first offense then doubling every time you are caught. The reason I wouldn't throw you in jail is because again it's not a violent crime and that would just be a huge governmental waste on your tax dollars. The government would have to pay for your food while in jail, the space you take up in jail, the officers time, and many more factors that would be disadvantageous for the government to pursue that route.

Tax rate: 6-10%

I feel like the legalization of marijuana would also limit the profits of gangs trying to profit in that area and thus limit crime in that area.


Corruption is going to be a huge issue especially in the police and government. This topic is going to explain my view on this issue and the way I'm going to combat it.

For starters I'm going to make a law that makes all elected officials live by the laws they propose/pass (including myself) through. The next thing I'm going to do is set up districts where the people of those districts vote for representatives to represent them in a congress like set up. The only requirement is that they have to have no prior illegal gang involvement or criminal record, as well as no party affiliation. These people will help uphold a system of checks and balances to make sure no law is too overbearing. This will also assure that the will of the people alone will be met from that district.

There will be a lawyer appointed from the reps (of the districts) to look into the governmental spending and cabinet members accounts. He must have no criminal record or party affiliation. This will make sure no money is flowing into criminal accounts.

The police will have a strict vetting process and training to hopefully route out any bad eggs.

There will be term limits. You can only be governor for 2 terms, each term being 1 year (may change). The governor will then peacefully pass down power to whoever was voted in. We will do this so no one becomes a dictator and will promote fresh ideas.

The last thing is that the government will produce a public budget report at the end of each month. This will state where all the money was spent unless that information is classified for whatever reason.


I have a few ideas for how I will help stimulate the economy of identity. The government will by no means get heavily involved but may offer some benefits to businesses on the great island.

Firstly I would withhold all taxes from newly formed businesses for 3 months while they get on their feet. The business tax rate would be around 2-3% very low to promote more business. Next I would start a business incentive program that would reward businesses for doing well and thus helping them expand and create more jobs.

Something that i'm very excited about is helping businesses in identity thrive. The major way i'm going to do that is by reinvesting most of the tax dollars into businesses to support growth and more jobs. The more jobs people have the more money the government makes thus more money we can invest into businesses around the great Island of Identity. this would benefit everyone a lot.

Something that sets me apart from other candidates is that I feel like the government should stay out of healthcare thus decreasing costs to where we can afford these incentives. I will talk about my specific view on healthcare on a later date.

I will also work with the FMMB (Fair Market Merchant Bureau) to route out any corruption in the business world.

This goes along well with my campaign slogan "flexibility that doesn't break your budget".


Healthcare is going to be a hot button issue on the island and I believe that it shouldn't be a government issued thing at all. This is going to be a big point of difference between me and the other candidates running for governor.

There are many reasons why I feel this way. The first reason would be that the government has a track record of doing a poor job in the healthcare area. If you look at a real life example in Canada you will find huge waiting lists and people actually coming to America for operations and procedures. Another reason for no governmental healthcare is that I don't want the government to be responsible for your life. This may sound harsh but I don't want to take the blame for lives lost due to a failed healthcare policy. The third reason is the cost, the cost of healthcare to the government would be high and the care provided would most likely be lackluster (very generalized). With limiting the cost of healthcare to the government, the government could spend the money elsewhere like businesses for one example. With no government healthcare and leaving it to the private companies this would promote competition (which would drive down costs), and give you better quality care. There will be some money allocated to help private healthcare companies though. It will be small maybe 5% of the money that the government takes in will be allocated towards that. This money will go towards running costs and possibly training of their staff.


I will start off by saying I have the utmost respect for the men and women in uniform. My uncle for whom I'm very close to is a police officer and talks about some of the things he has to do/go through. I know that this is going to be in a game but nevertheless your job will not be easy and I understand that. Here's some of the things that I will propose to hopefully make it easier for the officer's on the line of duty.

First I will designate a portion of the tax dollars to go to the police force so you guys can have the best equipment and vehicles etc. Maybe 10-20% in that area. The next thing that I will do is set up a bonus program for officers who are doing good and are on the force for a long time. This will be a thank you for your service type of thing.

One policy that I want to make clear is that NO and absolutely NO hate crimes towards cops will be tolerated. These will be met with swift justice and may bring with it the ultimate penalty. The same can be said for you guys (the cops) please don't abuse your power which i'm sure you won't. Cops I'm with you all the way and understand that we need you guys.

I will personally not ask for escorts from you guys because let's be honest here, you guys probably have a lot of better things to do.

As far as training goes and what not I'm not very experienced in that area but I would like to at some point get together experienced instructors to generate a standard operating procedure and training program. This is a way to better you guys and make you the best police force of all the servers on identity. This will also make training faster and more efficient.

Minimum Wage-

I think a fair minimum wage will be around 10-12$. This is lower than most people’s proposals for a couple reasons. The first being new companies will be able to hire more people thus creating jobs because of the little bit lower wage. The 3-5$ this saves will add up after a while and businesses will be able to use it to expand more.

Tax Bracket-

This is a huge issue with a lot of debate over what is too much and what is too little. Here’s how I will look into doing taxes. Very simple!





8-9% (still deciding)


Business: 2-3% across the board


6-10% on legal drugs

3% on goods

Death penalty-

Yes I believe in the death penalty. This would be for people who do acts of terror or murderers in some cases. The person will be given last words, and read their crimes before killed.


I don’t believe this will be a huge issue in the game but if there ever was one there would be fines in place for companies and individuals who pollute/litter all over.

Optional Welfare-

If you're poor and really trying to get by you may apply for welfare. This would mean you would have to do a background check to make sure the money doesn’t go to waste. The money you would receive would only cover some living expenses.

This law will only be in place if the Government can spare the money.



Questions? Please ask and I will try to respond to the best of my ability.


Note: Since the game isn't out there is no promises due to the possible limitations that we don't know about yet.


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How many times have you seen this argument of stimulating the economic market and tell me how many times this worked out in the long run?

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9 hours ago, Dyexi3 said:

How many times have you seen this argument of stimulating the economic market and tell me how many times this worked out in the long run?

On the forums I've only seen it a couple times but not what I'm proposing. I'm all about businesses, this is the main principal of my campaign. I know there are concerns for some of the things that I want to put fourth but I assure you if for some reason they don't work they will be fixed. Something you have to remember is that since this is a game half or more of the things that I propose we probably won't be able to do because of the limitations of the game. I feel like this will work though and I'm sticking to my guns on this.

Thanks for you criticism/comment though. If you have anymore please ask!

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