My appeal to the Police- Roger for Governor

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I am writing to you on this forum to announce to you that I'm running for governor. I'm also asking for the support or consideration from the members of the police force of the great island of identity. I will tell you a little bit about myself and some of my policies and open it up for questions.

I will start off by saying I have the utmost respect for the men and women in uniform. My uncle for whom I'm very close to is a police officer and talks about some of the things he has to do/go through. I know that this is going to be in a game but nevertheless your job will not be easy and I understand that. Here's some of the things that I will propose to hopefully make it easier for the officer's on the line of duty. 

First I will designate a portion of the tax dollars to go to the police force so you guys can have the best equipment and vehicles etc. Maybe 10-20% in that area. The next thing that I will do is set up a bonus program for officers who are doing good and are on the force for a long time. This will be a thank you for your service type of thing. 

One policy that I want to make clear is that NO and absolutely NO hate crimes towards cops will be tolerated. These will be met with swift justice and may bring with it the ultimate penalty. The same can be said for you guys (the cops) please don't abuse your power which i'm sure you won't. Cops I'm with you all the way and understand that we need you guys. 

I will personally not ask for escorts from you guys because lets be honest here, you guys probably have a lot of better things to do. 

As far as training goes and what not I'm not very experienced in that area but I would like to at some point get together experienced instructors to generate a standard operating procedure and training program. This is a way to better you guys and make you the best police force of all the servers on identity. 

Suggestions/Questions? Please ask and I will try to respond to the best of my ability.

Note: Since the game isn't out there is no promises due to the possible limitations that we don't know about yet.

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Any mayor that get's elected will be served and protected with utmost importance by my crew (If any actually join the game). I got a few of us that are going to play though, just let us be brutal towards criminals and cop killers and you got a deal.

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