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Greetings my fellow citizens of identity!


I have to open the discussion regarding the layout of the political system in identity, as reading through the forum posts I can't seem to find answers to my question of "How individuals participate in the political process". Will individuals be elected to stand for a political party like we do in the US? i.e. primaries and debates? So players can join together to create an official party (for example the Democrats and Republicans) and meet to create policies to then present in the election? Or will everyone be standing as independents in attempts to run as Governor? 

I'm rather curious, as if the party system is the direction it would most certainly make for an exciting political process!

Regards, Cameron! 

Hope to see you all in game soon!!!!

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That's a great question. I'm curious about that as well as a potential candidate for Governor. I wonder if they will have voting over a set period of time so that everyone has the opportunity to vote since not everyone will necessarily be online at the same time.

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