Rev Masters Garage

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Rev Masters Garage


Rev Masters Garage specializes in hot rods and street rods. We don't fully delve into newer modeled cars or ricers such as JDM or drifting cars. 

Rev Masters is a small local garage with helpful staff ready to work on your street rod and make it the baddest in the land!

The Garage also servers as The Royals Car Club's main garage/clubhouse.

Right next to the garage, you'll find a small corner store. Although it will not be your right-ade or Walgreen's, you'll be able to find your daily needs such as soda, candy, other foods, cigarettes, drinks and medical supplies.




Engine Heads

Cylinder heads



Oil Pumps

Chain and gear kits

Wheels and rims

Many more!


Engine work

Exhaust repair, inspection and installation

Catalytic converter installation

Belt installations

battery installations

Too many to name!

Corner Store

The Rev Masters Corner Store will be a local convenience store, conveniently placed next to the garage, you'll be able to grab a coca-cola, some chips, a pack of lucky strikes and a tin of hair grease!

With low prices and a great stock, you'll be able to find your daily needs in no time.

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A mechanic will simply be a member of The Royals Car Club. Members are not told to put in a specific work hours, but being a cooperating man to the garage is whats expected by other members, and not spending time at the garage or hanging out at the garage may be frowned apon. Other members who are not the absolute best at working on other members/peoples cars can work the cash register, work as an assistant to whomever is working on a car, wash cars, show customers around and hang out with the boys.

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Thank you for reading!

Please comment if interested in the car club


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