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Atlas Job Listings

Atlas Corporation needs Your help, and the best way to help us, help you is to sign up to Atlas.

Signing up to Atlas grants you access to all things offered to Atlas members for free (in case you have a business on the side). The contract can be left at any given moment unless you have a high position. 

In the comments jobs will show up. To apply to any of these jobs you should send Joel_is_online a private message.




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ATTF Squad Member:

Best of the best, highly armed, higly skilled.

Atlas Tactical Task Force is a force like no other, armed with the best weapons money can buy and backed by Atlas they are unstoppable. Used in high-threat situations and dangerous operations. To join ATTF you must be in a very good physical condition and be good with weapons. If you get through the selection process and the training you can proudly say that you are one of the best.


AIA Agent

Undercover Operations, Investigations, Spec ops, infiltrations.

Being an AIA Agent will take you on a wide variation of missions, and you will have the skills neccesary. AIA is operated by an experienced Director. If you pass the hard requirements for being an agent the road is long to become a senior agent, though the pay make it worth it.


Security Guard

Want to help Atlas while still have a second job, or if you´re not into heavy fighting? This is the perfect job for you!

You will be patrolling and guarding Roseport and anywhere else Atlas members are. You will work as a body guard for politictians as well as CEOs and chairmen. When you put on that uniform you are no longer a civilian, but a man of honor.






DISCLAIMER: Atlas does not approve of gun violence, and for every gun fired Atlas will launch a internal investigation. 

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While Atlas Security is out on the streets employees of Atlas commercial branch will spend their days in a fancy office in the Atlas HQ skyscraper overlooking the city wearing fancy suits. Find out how you can become a hotshot.




"Where do you see yourself in 5 years?"

You will make sure Atlas members and contractors find the best employees, and make sure that the job-seeking find our members. Charm is a must, to succeed in this profession.


Advertiser/PR expert

"Atlas Mad Men"

You will make sure everyone knows the clients name, and when that name is brought up nothing but good things are said about it. You must be a creative person.



Good with numbers, and a degree in economics?

Then this is the job for you! Not only will you make sure Atlas finanses are good, but also help our members and clients. When you are handling this much money you deserve plenty of pay.


DISCLAIMER: Atlas does not promise that your suit are fancy. 

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15 hours ago, Levi_King said:

Wait, am Iisint Atlas from one of thise cod's?

Atlas corporation seems to be a common name for fictional companies, Atlas Corporation is not related to Call of Duty´s corporation of the same name.

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