Anybody ever play gmod SantosRP in the past?

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I thought this would be an appropriate place to have a discussion about this sort of this, because most people here seem to have a lot of roleplay experience.


Anyway, when I was a little younger, (12 or so) I had Gmod installed and occasionally got on to do some DarkRP with my friends. They were never huge fans of serious rp, and we usually made fun it by calling it "gay" or something else of the type. This changed as soon as we found out about a server called "Nomad Networks". I'm sure a few people on this site know what this is, as it was popular among the handful of people who played SantosRP. I was hesitant to play on the server at first, but as soon as I began to play, it was addicting. I loved the server, with a perfect sized map that kept it so that there was enough interaction among players. The interaction became a huge factor to my love for this game, with a small, friendly community. It was really fun to be able to make friends in-game and coincidentally meet them around town and do shit together. Unfortunately, the server shut down 2 years ago and it was hard to find a compensating server, one because they were all either whitelist or they were just plain garbage. This is why my hopes are really high for Identity. I really hope that this game ends up meeting its fullest potential so that I can get this experience again.

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Why hello there I dont know if your still active or not but hit me up with a PM I got some news for yah regarding SantosRP :) 

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