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The FNN (This is what's on TV today politics)

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"Our Dreams" speech by Jakob Nunes placed here I want to hear your thoughts on it and what you think this was rped on tv so if your character watches the news just emote his thoughts here is an example:

*Reginald looked at the TV watching FNN and seemed to be slightly amazed by Jakob's speech as he got ready for work motivating him to do so*

*On the TV a man with blonde hair and green eyes speaking on the TV under the section of politics on FNN (Future News Network) it shows a name beneath the man as he sits down at the news room table "Jakob Nunes former Marine running for governor" his what lies underneath him every time the camera points to him, then after a while that looks like unimportant bickering he opens his mouth to speak*


"Well we both need to understand what we should represent, this shouldn't be about who we are or what we did but who we stand for and it should be the people and their dreams rather than promoting them you discourage them to work and begin hardship for them making them think everyday that their dream is not possible and let it collect dust on a shelf I'm here to represent that those dreams are living and with me they can happen, together we can create a future that we could all live in."

*everyone including the news lady known as Clara stops a second and looks around kind of suprised but then Jakob nods* 

"And that's the truth."

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