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Patch - March 13th

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- Soccer balls have been refactored to produce more realistic physics. We can now also add player controls to the interaction. To start, you can now kick the ball harder if you're holding down your left mouse button when you hit it.
- Characters can now turn more sharply, especially at high speeds (sprinting).
- Added a little polish to jumping and landing animation.
- Fixed a bug allowing you to turn your character while standing from chairs.
- Marijuana joints have been removed from the drug dealer. He now sells cannabis seeds instead.
- Hydroponics table is now available at the furniture vendor. Use this to grow plants from seeds in your homes.
- Drying rack is now available at the furniture vendor. Use this to dry grown herbs in your home.
- Dried cannabis can now become small/medium bags of marijuna, or even large bricks of marijuana, depending on the size of the plant(s).
- Bags or bricks of marijuana can be converted into joints of varying quality levels.
- Apartments have maximum crafting stations (in this release, the hydroponics and drying rack). The number varies based on size/value of floorplan.
- Added functionality to parking meters and bike racks, although they're not useful until vehicles arrive.
- Fixed two crashes.
- Performance improvements.


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