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OFP (Order For People) Militarist-Liberal

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Freedom of speech

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Hello. i want to show you what we can achieve with the combination between Militarism-Liberalism. I strave toward complete freedom of speech. I want that anyone

can say what's on their minds.


Open Borders

This country has a LOT of unused space. There we can build houses! And then we can open the borders of this beautiful land and let every man, child and woman inside our country. But there is a small catch: the immigrant needs to get a job within the country in 1 month. If the subject fails to get a job within that period of time, The subject will be exported back to his/her motherland and will NOT get a second chance.



I want to make the army ten times as strong as they were before. Weapon Research priority will be tripled and will be funded with the taxpayers money. (Note: The taxes do not raise because of this.) Military drafts will become active after you turn 18 and will stop after you turn 21. Military issue guns will be of much higher quality. Police will become military. Police will become much stronger, and will receive the same paycheck and training as a soldier.



People above 65 receive wellfare of $1100 a month.



Every person in this country MUST have a health insurance. 







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