Hey, I'm getting Identity this week, but I'm unsure when I need to buy it by. (I know updates every Friday, but since one thing left I believe it can be updated randomly)

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what is the release date of the beta access/the finish of town square module

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Hello Tautverve,

You'll still be able to purchase a "Passport" (pre-order of the full game) or "Beta Access" (access to pre-release content beginning with the Town Square Module) even after Town Square is released.

Prices and shop contents on our website will eventually change, however. The next major update to our site will introduce the ability to purchase individual items rather than being forced to buy packages. The packages you see right now on the shop page will eventually be phased out completely. For example, you might not see the $30 "Founder" pledge reward package anymore, but you'll still be able to purchase both the Passport and Beta Access items that were included in it. The only caveat is that some items (such as the Founder Hat and Cash bundles) will not be available for purchase individually, so if you'd like to have either of these items, you'll want to do so before they disappear for good. (The packages also provide a good value, such that purchasing each individual item within a package will usually be more costly.)

We'll be sure to announce when prices and package contents are changing so that users will have a sufficient amount of time to decide if they'd like a package before they disappear. The current plan is to keep the packages as they are for at least one week after we add new payment options on the shop page.

It's difficult to list an exact date for Town Square's release, so we stick to the Task Tracker and update it with our progress. The final task involves integrating the new UI with the housing system, and there's been some tricky bugs the developers have been ironing out in this area which explains the long wait time for its completion. Each fix typically requires another run through the majority of the housing system to make sure that the UI integration hasn't broken anywhere, and sometimes a bug fix can cause a few more issues to pop up. Arriving at the proper solution can be strenuous, and our programmers are working hard to try and get this final task tested and working correctly. I'll definitely update the community the moment I learn more.

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