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hi I was wondering when i made my identity Account to purchase package in the shop should my info have been real life info or what i want to be in game . also why am i an immigrant ?

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Hello BellaG,

The credentials on your Account Details page won't actually dictate what your character name appears as to other players. You'll instead be able to give each character you create a first and last name, and these are what will identity you in-game.

For example, when interacting with the "hack me" sign in Town Square, any message you type will be followed by a dash ("-" on keyboard) and your character's first and last name. You'll also see character names floating above heads.

For an example of the latter, you can check out the following link here which leads to the first gameplay stream we did. At 13:37 you can see how you'll give your characters their names, and at 24:47 you can see Motown's character's first name floating above his head.

The immigrant status on the forums is the default content rank when signing up. This will change as you create more posts. The default reputation rank ("community reputation" on your profile page) is also called immigrant, and this title will change depending on how many reactions you receive on your posts.

In short, the information about your name when you made your Identity Account should ideally be your real name. Other users will not see this and it won't dictate your in-game character name (unless you decide to make a character with the same name). The immigrant status is a default rank on the forums and you can change it by posting more.

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