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I stupidly created my kick-starter and Identity account using a temporary 10 minute email and don't remember why.

I need it changed as I am worried that I will not be able to receive a copy of any of the modules or the game itself.

I will show you what I can claim at the bottom but my money will be wasted if i cannot access the game.


Can anything be done to change the email linked to my IdentityRPG account so my key will be sent to an accessible email?




$4,000 Game Cash
Beta Access
Dozen Random Outfits
Founder Hat
Sports Car
Two Bedroom Apartment
Two Car Garage


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Hello Contain,

I'll send a message to your inbox describing how you can switch the email associated with your Identity Account. I believe you already contacted me on discord, but I'll send it to your forum account for good measure.

As it currently stands, you'll receive your download key when you link your Steam Account with your Identity Account on our new website (assuming you partake in this process once Town Square is available). Here's a clip of the CEO discussing the process below:

Meta (How do I get my Steam key? Do I log in on the Identity site?)

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