National Graphics™ Inc. Design and Marketing Services -New Samples-

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National Graphics™ is a Design and Marketing company founded in 2018 to provide aesthetically pleasing and cheap advertising solutions - posters, video adverts and banners - to its clients. We here at National Graphics seek to create opportunities for our employees and investors alike.



In order to raise the necessary financial requirements used to fund the company, we will acquire bank loans and sell shares that will provide dividends. All investors who are interested, please get in contact and we will arrange a deal. At the moment our startup cost has been forecasted to be approximately $987,020.




*All Values Are Estimations


All investors will be paid a weekly dividend out of Net Profit. 


Current Investors

One 10% Share Costs $98,702


10% :  Investor

10% :  Investor

10% :  Investor

10% :  Investor

10% :  Investor

Available for Sale : 50% left out of 50%


Design Process 





Video Advertisement :


15 seconds

30 seconds

1 minute


Posters :


40 x 60cm

60 x 80cm


Banners :


Hanging Banners

1 x 1.5m Flat Rectangle

2 x 3m Flat Rectangle

1 x 2m Flat Rectangle

2 x 2m Square Display



1x 1.5m


Website Adverts :


Top Pointers

728 x 90px

468 x 60px



120 x 600px 

160 x 600px


Organizational Structure



Clipart :


Medicine Packet


Sidepanels : 120 x 600px 

Option 1   


Sidepanels : 160 x 600px 

Option 1         Option 2

992few.jpg  1267ehz.png



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On 8/24/2018 at 8:47 PM, itsDuncan said:

Sounds awesome!


Hey thanks, we have available positions here if you would like one.

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