Black Diamond Enterprises - [Hiring Employees]

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About us
Long-Term Goals

Black Diamond Enterprises was founded in Nashville, Tennessee and expanded upon in Ash Hill on a later date by two men which their real names are Unknown or Classified. Matthew S. Demonestra and Jose K. Rodriguez moved to the island off the Carolinas to start a new life and form the large Black Diamond Enterprises. Black Diamond is a Corporate Business you'd see anywhere nowadays... AT&T, Wells Fargo, Apple, Razer... etcetera, with alot of elements of a Mafia and Cartel. Inspirations come from Ghost Recon: Wildlands with the Santa Blanca rank structure and order and Grand Theft Auto: Online's business aspects with high rise offices and businesses.

Our goals at Black Diamond Enterprises is most importantly to make as most cash to the leaders and employees as possible and become one of the biggest on the map, we strive for solid and well rounded leadership, loyal and willing Employees. Cash made will go to everyone in high up positions, Employees will get large payouts too cause without them what would be BDE? 

Rank Structure
CEO of Black Diamond
COO of Black Diamond

Head of Production | Head of Smuggling | Head of Security |
Head of Influence | Head of Logistics | Head of Operations





Drug Production, Weapon Manufacturing, Illegal Trafficking, Burglary, Illegal Gambling, Hijacking,
Racketeering, Alcohol Bootlegging, Loansharking, Coercion, Extortion, Money Laundering, Cyber Crime, Bribery,
Numbers Game, Chop Shop, Street Racing, Organized Retail Crime, Forgery.
If it makes money, we do it.

Applying to Black Diamond

- Must be 16+ y/o
- Must have a mic
- Need to have Discord
- Must be Mature and Active

Join the Discord through this link and PM me with the following information(Use this format)

Why do you wanna join BDE?:
What sector are you most interested in?(Production, Operations, etc.):
How active can you be?:
Do you understand the Rank Structure and Rules and will abid by them?:




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