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*Before we start  this is in development and if anything is spelled wrong please note that to us

Welcome to Identity Air,

About us

Identity air works as best as we can for your maximum comfort, fast delivery or regional travel.

We ensure overnight shipment and first class seats as cheap as business!



At the lounge we can confirm maximum comfort, theres always fresh food and snacks!With large space of quiet modern interior we can ensure you that you wil have a pleasurestaying with us. For business men/woman you will always bedone with yourwork in time. We will always try to push comfort to a new level!Every Furniture will be modern and comfortable!if there would be any need of help theres always nice and positiv personal around to help you.

Inside the airplane we can ensure you that you will not noitce that you are flying!

The seats are all made for maximum comfort and with a fine dining menu you as

a passenger will love it!

As a business man/woman you will be ensured to be done with every work!

With a large picnic table you will have space for computer and paperwork,

not only that but free WiFi and a large menu of bistro coffe!

All to maximise effectivity!

We hope that you will enjoy your stay under the flight and the trip!



All the details matter to us, everything we can do for your experience is our pleasure!

Everything is tailored for your outmost experience! To the textile in the seat to the service of the personal we want

you to enjoy your stay with us at Identity Air!





Comfort at it's best



Ceo: MrD

Marketing Director: Open

Financial Director: Open

Vehicle Director: Open

Secretary: Open

Advertising Director: Open

Designer: Open

Pilot: Open

Cabin Crew: Open


Click Here For Application!


Will add more afterhand, like vehicles, uniforms and terminals/lounge!


Thank You For Reading!

Edited by MrD
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I don't believe there will be air vehicles at release, if not at all. But good idea none the less. :)

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You will not be able to operate helicopters and airplanes in this game for multiple reasons. They don't want you to miss out opportunities to meet other players on the ground, and such air vehicles would give too much of an advantage to some players. The only thing that they might plan is an AI controlled plane to fly in future DLC maps.

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It's been confirmed there will no air vehicles in the game. The devs said they dont want people flying over the map and missing all the RP on the ground.

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On 11/03/2018 at 8:51 PM, MrD said:

Well i hope there will, but maybe later?


No, There is no planned air vehicles to be in game controlled by the players. 

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And if you were to create one, making an air transport this early would be useless since you couldn't afford the helis/planes anyway.

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