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Whispers In The Night

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The air is thick tonight with the haze of wandering smoke crawling through an open vent shaft as if escaping
 down one of the towns dim lit back alleys. The alley is filled with the noise of poorly sung melody’s from the
gargled intoxicated mouths of some the towns so call upstanding citizens, footsteps tap across the
pavement along the roadside in an almost perfect tempo, the unmistakable movements a beat cop walking his
route like a well-trained robot. Like a quickened shadow I slip lower in the alley till consumed by the darkness
unseen, unheard, the officer looks straight at me as he passes by but that trained robot cannot sense a thing.
I take out cigarette from jacket inside pocket striking a match across the wall lighting my eyes up for a split
second as I draw a puff and take one last look at her in the photo. Closing time soon, closing time and people
will roll out on the streets like sheep flocking to the nearest diner to soak up all that top shelf poison’s they
have been flooding inside their body all night. 2am last call is heard from the under paid bar maid in mild moody manner that
makes the local flocks feel uneasy...but helps her clear them out fast. I call the number provided it rings for
what feels like an eternity till the clumsy sound of hastily pressed button as the phones dragged through the
contents of her DB hand purse. She answers. I explain the situation I give her the name she knows all too well and tell
her it's time for the exchange, her breath speeds up with excitement an anticipation of the joy to come, the joy only
a junky can explain cause their next fix is just round the way, I tell her be alone, "of course"
she calls me baby as she hangs up and makes her way out of the crowed street, her high heels click as she walks
down the alley and her cool calm charm from the phone call is all but gone as she steps slowly lower into the alley
she steps right by me but can't see a thing, she whispers out the name I was given...some low life drug dealer
obviously, a hero of hers but he's not here tonight. The clouds cover the moon light the alley becomes fully engulfed
in a shadow of darkness, the sheep all heading out of the karaoke bar make it almost too hard to hear. She whispers
again, this time I whispers back. The whisper of an omega 9 silencer answers her with the hot fiery tongue of my
Glock 19's 9mm hollow point tip as it enters her chest and falls forward into my waiting arm,
I make it whisper more time just to make sure I lay her down and toss a few baggies next to her tip
out her purse a set the scene, I roll off the whisper and put the speaker away. Her habit caught up with her
and someone found it cheaper to have me be the reaper than wait for her to pay the bill. I slowly walk off into the
night light another cigarette as if I had been part of the locals partying, blending in, unnoticed, unseen. I’m
one of them, but they’re not one of me...I head to my human ATM to clear my cheque and let him know her debts now paid
......paid in full.


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