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Found 5 results

  1. Thrift Stores?

    I already made a suggestion post about this earlier, but I was going to ask someone who could possibly know about this. I would really like to see thrift stores in this game, because not only does it offer a place for players to give away their stuff, but it also provides profit for the business, AND profit for a good cause, if there was one. That also brings up my second question - will there be Flea Markets or yard sales, or even an Ebay-like thing on Identity? I also suggested a global market that extended through every (official) server, so somebody on one server could buy a shirt from another. That would also add to the trucking/delivery business, allowing them to ship packages, thus creating more jobs. Thanks in advance for any replies!
  2. Jobs and Careers We at Pace Shippings work hard to make sure that our employees and customers are satisfied. It is easy for a company to just higher employees and just expect them to show up and work. They may give a bonus every once in a while, but here at Pace Shippings we make sure you are satisfied with every part of your job. We have recently partnered up with National Transport Inc.™ to innovate and make the delivery industry one of the most advanced industries in identity. APPLY TODAY!
  3. Badlands Defense & Shipping Co

    Badlands Defense & Shipping Co. Est: 2008 (Doing Business As) & Recognized by Texas as an actively operating entity Filed with Texas Comptroller Office Effective : August 5, 2016 CEO & Founder (alias) : Titan 1 Atlas Umbrella Name BADLANDS NATION APPLY HERE >>>>><<<<< APPLY HERE Hello Identity I'm "Titan" Formally known as Atlas. This company has been a part of many startup\established games\communities as contributors to role-play and general shenanigans within its host. We have set our eyes on Identity and sincerely would like to make our way into the community and the player base. It has been a challenging start as we have began introducing our intent and interactions within the Gaming community. Our standard operating procedures include being respectable and not proactively cause grief or conflict within the community. I hope that as our company grows players will be able to identify our operators and operations as an approachable group who love the role-play. Good working relations with all groups is desired by the company but not realistically expected of the player base. On behalf of BADLANDS NATION we are glad to be here and look forward to all that Identity has to offer! "Thank you for choosing Badlands" -Titan 1 Atlas
  4. We strive to become your delivery service We are Pace Shippings a delivery corporation inside Identity. This post is here to give you insight on why you should pick Pace Shippings as your delivery provider. The right tools for the right job Each job has its own set of challenges so that is why we provide multiple types of services. Residential Standard Shipping Express Shipping Overnight Shipping SameDay Shipping Commerical Standard Freight Express Freight Overnight Freight SameDay Freight Commerical customers can also purchase package shipping. Partnerships We are always looking for new partnerships. If you are interested send a message to Treyler. Pricing Since Identity has not been released, and we do not have an idea on how the economy will look we will not officially release any information on prices. Sorry for the inconvenience. Jobs and Careers Working at Pace Shippings provides an exceptional experience with great pay! If you would like to apply to be apart of the Pace Shippings team we ask you to apply at the link below. Application **Everything in this post is a concept** © 2018 Pace Shippings
  5. Lumos Distribution Inc.

    Welcome to Lumos Lumos is a high end clothing apparel brand which highlights the ideals of what clothing brands should focus on. We are looking to hire several employees of all fields in order to succeed in the prosperous world of Identity. Below is some concept art which is open to modification from our design department. DM me @eviljake29 or leave a comment below if you are interested in an opportunity to be hired. What we are looking for We are currently hiring: [4] designers [2] shippers [2] marketers [4] retailers [2] managers [3] board members [1] child company (For investment purposes) Applying The format for a application is as follows: Job Position: Qualifications: How will i benefit Lumos: Weekly hour(s): Concept Art