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Found 1 result

  1. Hello Identity Citizens, we at ECorp are announcing our move to Identity. As some may know ECorp is a international conglomerate that has its hands in a bit of everything. If you are a driver, trucker, farmer, carpenter a military man or a mercenary, or in dire circumstance even someone of a tough-er variety, Sooner or later you will be hired by ECorp, this is a venture like no other and we are hiering. At ECorp we expect its employees to strive for perfection and in return your returns are bigger. We at ECorp always honor our deals, and will be know for fast efficient and reliable services. We are a cut-throat firm and will be a as known in the rest of the world as a friend to be envied and a enemy to be feard. The priority at the end of the day is always the bottom line. Everyone needs to be paid, and a ECorp employee expect to be paid good money for there services. Not everyone can make it as a ECorp employee and if you are one of the Elites in your field am sure our paths will cross. We at ECorp are looking forward to this venture, so as soon as our passport is sorted out we will be packing our headquarters and getting ready for the move. Mission Statement * Fun, egaiging and imersive gameplay for everyone. * We stay in character but we do not make a stage play. (unless you want to.) * The bottom line we are a company and everyone need to make money and have fun doing so. Warm greetings from ECorp. Your company, your friend, your future. No statement in this thread can at any time construed as ECorp ever would have anything to do with any illegal action. There can be no legal grounds for suspicion or guilt for this sole purpose. Anything read between the lines is the sole views perceived, even if they are true. - ECorp Legal Firm - Hope you like the Introduction and that we will be seeing etch other in-game. We have been looking forward to try Identity for years, and have high hopes for it. Thanks for reading send "us" a PM if you want to make ECorp.