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Found 2 results

  1. Hello, Citizens of Identity. I'm Jppeer123 and I'm talking to you as founder, CEO and spokesperson of Explorer Electronics and Gun Corp. We specialise in Private and Military use! We're currently looking for employees to join the company in 4 branches: Research and Development Manufacturing Security Office We are going to try and make the best Electronics and Guns on the Island, even if we cannot be the best... We'll always strive for the best quality! Bonuses: The regular employees (Manufacturing and Office) are going to have free medical care, free car reparations and our products are cheaper for them. You will also be able to buy our products before they're even released! Guards (Security) are going to have free access to the whole Explorer™ arsenal and they're going to have the perks that regular employees also have. Scientists (R&D) are going to have free access to all the Explorer™ electronic products (for testing ONLY) and they're going to have the perks that regular employees also have. If you're interested in joining, just PM me with the following information: Name: Age: Why do you want to join: Discord (You don't have to give this, but it's just for easy communication): Extra things you want to add: I hope this post has persuaded you to join our company in 1 of these 4 branches! - Sincerely, Jppeer123 (CEO and Founder of Explorer Electronics and Gun Corp.)
  2. Good Afternoon, I thought I would add a new topic that many people might be trying to overlook in this new RPG we are all so excited about. I wanted to bring up the role play aspect of Officer Integrity. I know from what I have read we will have a voting system on officers and other official positions that players can have direct input on. This alone makes for an amazing opportunity for people who want to play in the Law Enforcemtn rolls and other goernment rolls when the time comes. Please use this small guide as a reminder of what Integrity means to officers Police Integrity A police force with integrity is one with little or no misconduct or corruption. In the past, most studies viewed the problem of misconduct as one of individual problem officers, the so-called bad apples on the force. More recent studies show that whites generally see misconduct as episodic and confined to individual officers, while blacks tend to see misconduct as a more entrenched aspect of policing. Management and Culture Affect Integrity Current research finds that the management and culture of a department are the most important factors influencing police behavior.[2] How the department is managed will dramatically affect how officers behave toward citizens. And how officers behave toward citizens will affect whether citizens view law enforcement as an institution with integrity. Organizations that place priorities in the following areas will do better at maintaining integrity • Accountability of managers and supervisors • Equal treatment for all members of the organization • Citizen accessibility to the department • Inspections and audits • Quality education for employees Defining values and principles and incorporating them into every facet of operations may be more important than hiring decisions. Diligence in detecting and addressing misconduct will show officers that managers practice what they preach. How to Improve Integrity Findings from a study of 3,235 officers from 30 mostly municipal law enforcement agencies reveal the following recommendations for police managers: • Address and discipline minor offenses so officers learn that major offenses will be disciplined too. • Open the disciplinary process to public scrutiny. • Rotate officer assignments to discourage the formation of bonds that lead officers to cover up the misconduct of others. Many departments are improving integrity and raising the standards for officers by taking the following steps: • Improving the way they hire and train officers in ethics and cultural awareness. • Collecting data to track traffic stops and other encounters with citizens. • Soliciting community input through citizen review boards, ombudsmen or community problem-solving initiatives. I feel that if most if not ALL of the suggestions and lessons learned from these studies and examples of what to do will help new people just getting into the idea of this role playing community as well as veterans and founders of the game. If you have any questions or want to message me to chat about these thoughts feel free to do so. Very Respectfully Tiger_lily