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Found 3 results

  1. It's almost time!

    November 30th is just a week away ladies and gentlemen! For most of us, this will be an interesting and hopefully enjoyable beginning with Identity and beginnings or continuations with Role-Play. I currently watch a lot of GTA RP (TFRP/TheFamilyRP group) and though they have a public server, it's around a 12~ hour queue to get in... so Identity RP might just be the niche I need to get my bearings on Role-Playing. There may not be a lot to do in the beginning of Identity, I think we all know this, but I think this game can be a platform for people who want to Role-Play as any type of person they want to be - whether beginning their RP adventure, or continuing. But this comes with uncertainty from a lot of things I have seen with Early Access games. Some of the people I have seen here have been so harsh and probably rightful in one way or another in being so harsh. We must remember that if we plan to play Identity, we should spread Identity's positives and not dwell and sink this game with the bombardment of negative reviews that plenty of potential games have fallen because of. There will not be a lot of content to truly utilize at the moment, but for the aspect of Role-Playing, I am quite sure that the basis, the Town Square, will be suitable to do that in. It really comes down to us brushing past the issues we have had with the development, regardless of what development issues we all have or have had. Identity is coming out and as a community, we either help flourish the idea of this game, along with the progress of the development team - or we sink it by not positively supporting the game that we all want to be successful. We're going to have issues. Hands down. But we are going to have the foundation of the game and that is what is most important. But will we as the community make or break the game? That's up to all of us to decide from November 30th and on. Hope to interact with you all on that day. Hope you're all having a great Thanksgiving and have an awesome time in Identity.
  2. Reminder to everyone

    Hello. So, first I am sorry for my English, I am going to try to explain myself well, English is not my first language. I find it really cool that everyone have so much ideas and plans. But I think that everyone should remember that the game is not even ready yet and we do not even know if it is all possible. Probably companies like rockstar witch have hundreds or even thousands of people working doesn,t do more complete games for a reason... I think that making so in debt plans like many people here are doing is bad for you, becouse when you see the final product I think that your going to be deceptionate becouse it wasn't close than what you where all thinking. Hope I have explained myself well and didn't do too much error. I am very exited for this game!
  3. Question vs. Suggestions

    Good morning/afternoon everyone! I thought I would just remind some users about what this section of the forums is meant for since it was brought to my attention about numerous posts here that don't belong, whether people aren't paying attention when creating a topic or just accidentally put it in the wrong section. Before posting a suggestion please look at the FAQ and the FAQ Extended as it may have already been answered! This "Ideas and Suggestions" section is strictly for "suggestions" please don't post a question about something in the game as that should go to the sub forum "Q&A" under "Immigration." If you are to accidentally post a topic in the wrong section simply @ me or another moderator online letting us know what happened and we will gladly move the post to the right location. The same goes for a double post, just @ us and we will get it fixed ASAP.