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Found 2 results

  1. Rapidorian Times

    Who we are We are a group of civilized people under the GOR that produce papers/email version for players That want to keep in touch with all the doings of the companies/cartels/politics Of course we do favour the... More prestigious of everyone. Who we want I want smart people who know about the city and can produce quality content. You will receive bonus' very often since I'm sure you will please my contacts with what you write *More later*
  2. Who we are We are a group of people who buy and loan. We mainly loan people money with slight interest on top. Along with the loans we need a deposit on the loan, depending how big the loan is this could be anything from a piece of art to your home. We also buy/sell homes and any property straight of the bat. Who we need I need a couple of confident people who can manage separate deals and please the clients. I need some people who are good at math and can calculate exactly what deposit needs to be taken. I also need a third party debt collector agency *Will add more soon*