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Found 1 result

  1. I Don't know if a question like this has been asked. and i know within identity you can take photos and things to hang up in your house. But a question that's been eating away at me is... Can you be a photographer? and get better cameras than just using your in game phone? and upon this topic, Photography is used in both Modeling, and Artistic photography. and i was wondering, Store clothing and things like that, will we have models and photographers to advertise the new items that have been made, such as clothing and accessories? and how do the clothing stores fully work? is it just an NPC? do you get to customize a shop? Can you craft clothing yourself with a sewing machine? If you could i think being a model for clothing brands would be a really interesting Job, and so would being a photographer? because not only with photography you can do model shots, and leisure shots/artistic shots but if there is a news paper for identity it could open up opportunities there for a photographer for the newspaper... There are so many opportunities there. and i think it would be really cool to implement some stuff like this. if newspapers are a thing, will there also be magazines? could you be a writer? write your own magazine, that people could buy, and read to learn about all the good fashion scoops, and best places to buy furniture, and fun activities to do around the city's? Could we write books? that players could read? and if so would we need to go to a publisher first to sell our books? Soo many questions and ideas have just hit me im sorry hahhahaha