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Found 1 result

  1. State Legislature

    Hey, I recently posted this thread into another section of the forums (apparently, it was the wrong section), so I would love and to try to revisit this topic if we can. It's a really interesting idea that can allow for checks and balances. I'm not sure if this is on purpose or not, but it would make sense to have one. This state legislature here would have the responsibilities of making/producing laws, budgeting the state's budget, and approve nominations from the Governor's office. Not only would this make the game a lot more realistic and help with managing the budget, but this would help with parties getting/retaining their majority and help people get their political career started. Plus, like I stated up above, this branch would help with government oversight and transparency. Now, of course making a 200+ legislative branch isn't gonna work, so I propose that we cut the proportions down to a much better fitting size; about 11 representatives and 9 senators. Ergo, we can have about 3 senators per city (equal representation) and about ~3-4 representatives per city (based off of state population). In total, this would allow for a 20-member Congress. Now, rather or not these numbers are too small or to big is the debate. Me, personally? I feel as if these numbers are just about right. We don't want too many seats as elections wouldn't be competitive and we don't want too little seats as it would be really easy for a party to take control of everything: remember, a democracy functions best if all parties are represented. Anyways, this is just my two little cents. I am available to explain more in-depth of how this would happen/work, but I think it would be a really good idea to implement into this community. Thanks, - Kori