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Found 2 results

  1. I know stock markets won't exist in Identity. However I thought about investments in a different way, in a method that only players (citizens, business owners, investors) would need to manage, rather than the devs or server management. So you want to start a business in Identity, but you don't yet have the cash to get started. There's no public investing (stock market), so what about private investing? I'll give an example so no one is confused. A private investor who has a high net-worth that invests in a startup company can be called an Angel investor. These Angel investors make money through the success of the startup company, or they could lose money if the business fails, pretty much like the stock market. What is so great about private investing in Identity is the fact that there may not have to be any real dev-made systems to make this work. I'll give an example of exactly how I would imagine a private investment goes down in Identity... Two players can make an in-game legal document that states the terms and agreements of the investment, and both parties receive a copy of this document in their inventories. It is optional to get the documents notarized (legalized) either from a government organization or a law firm... That's pretty much it. The rest is up to the players to decide, such as the terms and agreements, which by the way could be conjured up by a lawyer that knows the ins and outs of the "laws" (server rules). The legal document system doesn't need much development because from what I understand, people can write or type on paper in Identity. Also surely there will be printers to make copies of paper, so really the system is already there for that. The only thing that isn't for sure is if documents will be able to get notarized in Identity. I think notarization would be a welcome feature, as it can give the police a job if the agreement is broken. Notarization would increase the chance of players spending their money in the server, growing the economy. But this post isn't about notarization mainly, but about the ability to invest your money in a company regardless of the existence of a public stock market. Certainly in my opinion this would satisfy the requests of players hoping for a stock market. TL;DR You can put your money in a business through a legal agreement between players and profit from its success, without the need of a stock market. What do you think of this idea? Please tell me the pros and cons that you see?
  2. Manus Holdings LLC

    Manus Holdings LLC is a backing company for the Manus Family of Companies. These companies are a mix of independent and directly owned companies. Why work with Manus? On a regular basis we audit the Family of Companies (FoC) to evaluate profitability, management, and growth. Manus will rate and recommend it's companies so that investors can know where to achieve the fastest growth. Manus ratings and recommendations are only available to subscribers to the Manus Investment Portal. If the Island allows direct deposits into companies you could simply invest in Manus Holdings itself and enjoy the profits and stability from all of the diversified companies. Ratings are form -AAA to +AAA depending on whether they are shrinking, growing, ROI, and general health of the company. If you are interested in gaining access to the portal, or in having a company within the Manus family, or in investing in MH itself, please let us know. CEO & Chairman: Expressman (Manus Blair) Co-Founder: Laurie Strode Co-Founder: Blade Holdin Co-Founder: Cat Leaving Bus