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Found 1 result

  1. bonus content images?

    just an idea but i think it'd be great if we were able to see some of these bonus items we receive depending on what we pay, such as the the cars, bikes and apartments that are included. the reason id like to see these is because im still not sure what to go for, was thinking of the version with basics and the beta because i haven't seen that much on the game itself but if i seen things like the things you get with the "biker" version and i seen this nice apartment and a kick ass chopper or something id be tempted to spend that little extra for that better experience on day one. but id like to know how everyone else feels about this issue and id like to ask what version you guys are going for so far? just for an idea of the communities opinion on pricing and content. id also like to know if these items are exclusive to the people who buy a certain pack, id have mixed feelings if that was the case, would feel a little like its.. not "pay to win" but something along those lines but at the same time i'd still kind of want those items a little more because of the exclusiveness around them.