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Found 1 result

  1. Healthcare- Roger for Governor

    Healthcare is going to be a hot button issue on the island and I believe that it shouldn't be a government issued thing at all. This is going to be a big point of difference between me and the other candidates running for governor. There are many reasons why I feel this way. The first reason would be that the government has a track record of doing a poor job in the healthcare area. If you look at a real life example in Canada you will find huge waiting lists and people actually coming to America for operations and procedures. Another reason for no governmental healthcare is that I don't want the government to be responsible for your life. This may sound harsh but I don't want to take the blame for lives lost due to a failed healthcare policy. The third reason is the cost, the cost of healthcare to the government would be high and the care provided would most likely be lackluster (very generalized). With limiting the cost of healthcare to the government, the government could spend the money elsewhere like businesses for one example. With no government healthcare and leaving it to the private companies this would promote competition (which would drive down costs), and give you better quality care. There will be some money allocated to help private healthcare companies though. It will be small maybe 5% of the money that the government takes in will be allocated towards that. This money will go towards running costs and possibly training of their staff. Questions? Please ask and I will try to respond to the best of my ability. Note: Since the game isn't out there is no promises due to the possible limitations that we don't know about yet.