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Found 7 results

  1. Sea of Thieves - Any British Players?

    Hello All, I thought this thread would be a fantastic opportunity to meet some users on the forum who be playing Sea of Thieves when the game fully comes out. So I was thinking I could team up with some of you and happened to be in the UK too as it helps with timezones. I've played the Closed Beta and damn it was a lot of fun. Sadly, I didn't find many British players to play with which sucks. But, I hope to find some here!
  2. Would love to see a Motown and Paratus ... this would be the name of it haha type of arcade... Mini golf type of place where you can go and compete and play with friends..... You can play all these mini games and they would come out with tickets after you paid for these tokens with your in game money.... then you would get tickets that would come out.......there would be certain "seasons" that would last a certain time to redeem these items that a person can get and once they are gone they are gone.......maybe you can make them trad able that people can buy then or just say they can win a teddy bear on a date and give it to a loved one...... This would be cool since you could put these items out in your personal space or maybe wear a unique shirt you got from playing a game.... the mini golf would be kick ass to for having fun with that and meeting new players and just jumping in a car with four of your best friends and heading off to the course... @Motown @Paratus you guys keep up the hard work and keep doing what your doing and cannot wait to see this game go from there........
  3. Pc Build

    Why not build your own Pc ? because, you have a Laptopin the game, an PC Tower, and why not build it first ? Would be an whole new experience, because, if you dont build it right, ist not working, and then you can buy games, from stores, and you can play them, but the players need to create a game, but ya know, not a copyright game, because its not allowed lol, but that would be rlly awesome, that was my idea, do what ya want with it ceep the good work up ! ??
  4. Hello Identity Community!

    Greetings everyone, I've been a member in the community for a long time now. I enjoy a lot of games of all genres, but MMORPGs has been my second favorite genre that is right next to the Sandbox genre. Before I became a member of the community, I was just an average follower like many others that doesn't know what the game was, I found it off of a video from YouTube called "Top 10 upcoming games in 2017-2018" and it introduced me to Identity. I was curious so I looked deeper into the info that the game had given me and thus I became interested in which that I became an official member of the website and joined their Discord Server. Lots of friendly users there to talk to and to get along with, I have pledged 60 bucks to the game and want to experience what the game has to offer. I cannot wait until the beta comes out so I can be able to play with my friends and meet newer friends in identity! Thank you, Sage
  5. Looking for a quick alternative?

    If you can't wait for Identity to come out, and would like to create a character in which you could live a certain lifestyle, check out Grand Theft Auto's multiplayer mod, San Andreas Multiplayer (SAMP). For those of you who know, GTA SA was never an online multiplayer game. Some people (credit to them) made a mod allowing GTA:SA to become online. Through this mod, there have been game modes like Cops and Robbers, TDM, and most popular Roleplaying Servers. SAMP Roleplay servers all are about living the lifestyle of a certain character the player wishes to live. You can roleplay a gangster, cop, radio host, firefighter, taxi man, or just another average joe. Different servers have a certain standard they wish their players should follow. For example, Red County Roleplay: Here is a famous youtuber showing some awesome gameplay. This server requires most players to have experience in Roleplay, so maybe learn a bit before joining. If your interested you should check it out.
  6. Anyone want to play any of the following games or add me in the following social networks? League of Legends : (EUW) Bunny Bela s2 : (Europe) QueenBela #2368 [Overwatch] Steam: Thanks
  7. When a gamer is born

    Okey so , you know I was just passing time looking at series. You know the usual series, IT Crowd. ( Fill In a long anime name ) The Office US and so on So I was gonna go and get myself something to drink and eat, something salty or "snacky" in a matter of snacks. WHen I stumbled upon this horrible singing while playing a video game voice. Turned out to be a 8-11 year old girl, actually the daughter of my mothers boyfriend. I am like " A gamer is born " But then it took a turn for the worse. She ... she.. damn this is hard to write. I think, she scolded off or sang to somebody on minecraft about them being gay. Now I ain't got time for her life problems but damn! She literally sang in English and said Gay 100% right. I might have misheard. But that is a 10% nono that I didn't mishear. I am afraid that she will become on of those. Worse type scenario gamers. And since she is a girl she defently has more power upon horny 13 year old boys and pedophiles just surfing the 4chan sites. God. So now that I get to ask you people a question. What is the worst scenario that could happen now by the information I have given you all. Give me your thoughts so I can make nightmares for you.