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Found 1 result

  1. FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS (FAQ) 1. How are Kickstarter backers different from website backers? There is only one difference between backer rewards for the Kickstarter and website. Kickstarter backers will receive a unique in-game hat with the Kickstarter logo. Website backers receive a hat with the Identity logo. No new content in the future will ever display either of these logos. 2. Many people are confused on what the game is about. Would you mind telling us what your vision for the game is? Is the game more about Cops vs Robbers, or a balance between all the available paths? Identity is a cops and robbers game at heart, but it is a life simulator in so many other ways. We’re catering to role-play in a way that is possibly the first of its kind. Players have the freedom to pursue careers that will impact the player economy in their own unique way. Become a taxi driver, deliver goods to player-owned businesses, fight fires, save lives, argue a case in criminal court, or just hold out your hand and beg for money. Find, or steal your ‘identity’! 3. What can you tell us about the world? World size? Player limit? We anticipate that the playable world size will be 200 square kilometers, or 77 square miles in comparison. This means that the whole map is 14 km wide, and would take about an hour and a half to walk across. We hope to support up to 300 players (or more!) per server. 4. Can you expand on the professions? We know there will be cops, but what types of jobs will be available for civilians? Will they be able to create their own businesses? Create their own items? etc. Also, Medics and Firefighters? Players can choose from a wide range of professions, including the ability to become a Firefighter, EMT, Taxi Driver, Farmer, Bounty Hunter, Fisherman, Logger, Miner, Delivery Driver and even a business entrepreneur. The options available to you as a player get more specific than this even, but we aren’t yet ready to expand on the full list. The direction of development is prone to change, and we don’t want to promise anything that might change down the pipeline. Business ownership allows players to own factories and small business, giving them control over what items are manufactured and sold. Items created by a factory must be delivered to their destination city where store owners in that area can decide what quantity and type (formal wear, casual, punk outfits, weapons, etc.) they wish to list in their business. Some default items are always available in all stores for when market demand is not met. 5. How will death be handled? When a player dies, some items such as the money the player is carrying at that time, will be dropped on the ground and will become accessible to anyone in the area that wishes to take it. Clothing items will never be dropped. We have decided that a player’s character appearance in a social game like Identity is important. You will always look the way you decide your character to look. If the player is not resusitated by an EMT or teammate, the player is then prompted to respawn at the location of their last sync (house, apartment, city) Private servers have some control over what types of items players will drop on death, if any at all. 6. Can you expand on how the housing system will work? Size and availability of apartments and houses? Players can choose to own or rent housing in Identity, while apartments can also be shared with a friend or roommate depending on the size of the property. For instance, two friends, or a married couple can choose to purchase a 2 bedroom apartment where they both can live comfortably with each other. Apartments and houses are fully customizable, allowing players to place furniture and objects anywhere in the room. Home-owners can invite other players into their apartment or house at any time. Players cannot access another players home without an invitation. 7. Will there be any specific safe areas where people can go AFK or sit and socialize without being killed or robbed? There are safe zones within certain types of buildings in Identity. Metal detectors serve to preserve immersion, and will temporarily remove any weapons upon entry, allowing all players in the area to safely relax, socialize and meet new friends. These safe zones are known to us as “Sub-Hubs” or social gathering points that reflect on the lifestyle theme of their environment (Biker Bar, Business club, Bum alley, etc.). While many of these areas can only be accessed by law-abiding citizens, some Sub-Hubs are neutral and can be entered by any player on the map. Few areas are designated gathering points for active criminals looking for the right crime of opportunity, or new friends to help them plan their next heist. 8. How will player identification work in game? Will names appear above players heads? If so, at what distances will they be seen? As our design stands right now, the official servers do display names over heads within certain ranges. Some things like masks and balaclavas can affect this. Moreover, private servers have an option where they can hide names from all players unless greeted. By this I mean you won’t see the name over another player until they perform an emote action, after which you’ll always see their name.