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Found 2 results

  1. I mostly refer to mayoral duties because it is that which I am more accustomed. I would like to suggest that the financial records of the city be up to the mayor as to their detail and what all they include. I would like to think that the cash system for mayor will be more than just sliding bars on how much is spent in one area and that the mayor can withdraw cash to use personally (As would be required for some of the welfare systems I've proposed). And as such then it would make sense that when financial records are published that it be up to the mayor to label withdrawals for specific purposes, such as when they go to the bank and withdraw they select an existing category (Welfare, Public service, etc.) and it would add to the amount of debits that category received. And if there was a category they did not see, they could create a new one and all this would be marked down in the financial records when they are published. I'd assume other categories of it would be automated like I would expect that Road services would be auto-filled out and such (and I hope to god the mayor can choose which roads get more care than others, I love detail), but I would really enjoy the creative freedom to expand my position as mayor by having more custom freedom over where the money is spent. It would also make more interesting detail if someone found out the mayor was illegally using funds, for example, if someone notices that there's a large debit in the police budget and find out that police are paid a lot less than they should be, or if road service is really high but the roads are actually all cracked, then people could figure out the mayor was corrupt. Just something to chew on. Sincerely, Blake Gillman - Running for Mayor
  2. Stock Market

    It would be nice to have a ingame stock market. As we have been told there will be corporations in the game, so why don't have a live stock market aswell. That way people can buy and sell into positions in the ingame companies. Would also be a cool thing if there were currencies and comodities to buy on the stock market. This would be very realistic and could give people opportunities too earn a good amount of ingame money fast (or lose!). I also hope that the bank will give people loans and stuff. These things would improve the financial system ingame and give more difference between poor and rich