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Found 2 results


    A SERAPHIM NETWORK™ PROJECT: ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- DISCLAIMER: All aspects disclosed in this piece should not be taken at its word. Changes and edits are inevitable as more information concerning game mechanics become available to the public. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- MESSAGE FROM LUX™: We at LUX™ know how passionate the citizens of Identity Island are about cars and racing; thus LUX SPORT was born. We have formed a derived brand that has the ability to accomodate the passions we all have for vehicles. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- OUR MISSION: We recognise a common passion - for vehicles - that radiates through all Identity citizens and as enthusiasts ourselves we strive to craft vehicles that impress the hard to please. At LUX SPORT we have a focus on speed; thus the models you will see produced from LUX SPORT will be sleek, elegant and modern. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- CARS: LUX SPORT provide a variety of cars all with differing styles. The images shown below are real car models that have been adapted; displaying similar features to what LUX SPORT hopes to achieve. [Pre-adapted images provided through Google Images] ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- MOTORBIKES For those who want speed in a more compact form we are designing motorbikes. LUX SPORT will design along two alternate themes. The first theme follows a modern look. They are sleek and abstract; for those whose style includes clean and precise. The second theme is a very classic vintage vibe. This was designed to accomodate the many motorcycle clubs that I'm sure Identity will grow to have. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- COMPANY OWNERSHIP: LUX SPORT™ is a sole proprietorship, owned by the Director of the SERAPHIM NETWORK™, codenamed THE SERAPH ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- COMPARTMENTALISED SYSTEM: The structure of this derived business is extremely similar to LUX™; for a more in depth description follow the link. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- RESERVATIONS: As we do not have sufficient amounts of information concerning market pricing reservations can be made instead of preordering systems. Reservations let us know that you are interested in buying a certain product, but does not have the official certainty that preordering has. If you are interested in reserving please click the link below. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- MORE DETAIL WILL COME WITH TIME
  2. Pilot

    Fly fast around the map and travel from point to point fast!