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Found 2 results

  1. Business Homes

    A small idea just popped into my head. I just had the thought of players being able to buy huge skyscrapers, from which would be the HQ to their businesses. However this idea, I think that it should cost millions to buy one, otherwise everyone in the game will own one, and businesses will not have a chance! Take my business for example, I'm thinking about starting up something like Atlas Corporations, from Call of Duty, and because of the size of my business, I will need an HQ where we would manage distribution, income/profits, etc.. Kind Regards - TOMA HAWK569
  2. Player Broadcasted Channels!

    Imagine driving home after a long day of work, while doing so you pop on the radio to listen to some music, but what you are hearing is a radio broadcast which is being made by players. An example of what I mean would be; say you get a DJ in things like DarkRP in gmod, they have the role of playing random music, where as with this job, the presenter has a full on studio where they can switch between news, music, calls and even their own voice! So after you have finally arrived at your home, you find you have some spare time, so you pop on the tv and listen to the news. Currently on the news you hear about murders and criminalistics things that some of the players are doing. The whole thing would be filmed by one person holding a camera (which I would say would be better if it came under weapons and you had to buy it) and another with a mic at the current scene, then it switches back to the studio where the news is being presented. Not long after that you kinda get bored, so you go on your phone and you search YouTube/Twitch (or whatever), and watch someone's old video, then have a look at someone live streaming something! You know, just an idea Kind Regards - TOMA HAWK569