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Found 3 results

  1. Looking to start a hedge fund once the game opens up, would love to hear thoughts and ideas. If anyone is interested in helping create/manage the fund, or work for the company, please message me. McSexy, CEO McMill Investing, Inc.
  2. Hedge Fund

    Looking to start a hedge fund once the game opens up, would love to hear thoughts and ideas about it. If anyone is willing to help create one or wants to become an investor, please message me.
  3. Job Articles / Specific Needs

    Idea - JOB ARTICLES I Think it would be cool if someone looking for a job could go to a building which contains articles for jobs around the area. These articles could be placed by business owners looking for new employees or the game could generate jobs every once in a while. This would allow People to easily spread news that they are looking for an employee. They could also have specific needs on that CV where people would be rejected if they did not have them (e.g Driving licence, Experience) You could also have it where multiple people could give in submissions and the owner of the business could pick the person that they feel would be good for their job (they may be able to organise interviews). I feel like they could also add Training where a specific person would need a certain training licence on their 'CV' to do that job. The Employer would need to pay a fee to put it on the article so it would be a fair system. This would help the employer , looking for people, the employee, finding that job. It could also open up illegal activities like CV forgery so they could get that job or people could hire an employee and take them hostage. This is just an idea, if anyone has any other improvements please let me know. - JT