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Found 1 result

  1. Famtiano Family

    Famtiano Family RP Story The Famtiano Family was created in the poor Italian neighborhoods in New York during the prohibition era in the 1920s. With their high expertise and their wealthy allies they became powerful. In the 1940s they expanded into Los Angeles and Boston, buying clubs and fronts there as well. Famtiano was loved by the people, not only for the help they got, but also since Famtiano was known for not being violent (unless it was necessary of course). Everything great have to end, and during the 1950s the Family got too big for its own good and infighting began. A major breakout faction in the family caused Famtiano to leave Boston, and with that lots of income. The Family stayed under the radar for years before being one of the first to help build Las Vegas to what it is today. Owning and operating plenty of clubs and casinos the Famtiano quickly became one of the most powerful crime families in the US. The next couple of years and decades Famtiano expanded: San Fransisco, Miami, New Orleans, Chicago, as well as reclaiming Boston. They got plenty of allies, The Yakuza, The Irish mob, and many more, and with the careful job they do the FBI cannot trace any crimes back to them. To reach a mob you need the help from the people, but the people aren’t interested in helping. Cause after all, the mafia is just creative entrepreneurs, looking to make money. That’s what the Mob is about. Making money. The difference between normal businessmen and the mob is that the mob isn’t evil, and that they do not pay taxes. Still powerful ´til this day, and with the funding focus shifting from Law Enforcement to the War on Terror the Famtiano is looking to expand again. What made the Famtiano Family move mostly away from the US was the new law that was named R.I.C.O act. The high-ups in the Famtiano Family decided they needed somewhere new to expand, so they handed over a secret deal with one of the biggest Yakuza Families to get help with smuggeling the members out from the US to the Island of Identity. More info about what we do The Famtiano Family is not an organization were you get to kill people and so on. We focus on our members and money. Of course we will need to take action sometimes to either get more money or to simply make it easier for us to get the money, but we do watch over our official members. We pay our members regarding on how much their income on the jobs they do, let us say for an example an official member #1 got about 5 000$ in this week. The min. was 4 500$. The 4 500$ goes up in different split. So the #1 get probably 800$ the Capo ( Captain) of that made man get 1 200$ and the rest is so on divided up to the boss. The boss has to share what was given from the Capo to the other high ranks such as Consigliere and Underboss. The jobs we usually do is wide. Sometimes insurance fraud, hijack cargo, smuggle cargo, delievery jobs and so on. If you want to understand more then think about us as Gods of Calamity. We don't cause catastrophes for fun and nor for free. By Calamity we mean we can do your jobs, almost any job considering a wide range. Our title/ranking system Boss/Don/Capo De Tutti Capi Underboss Consigliere Capo/ Captain Soldier / Made Men __________________ Associates We do have of course small other ranks such as enforcers, makers, Amico's, buttons, and so on but we won't give all sort details now. We consider our Made Men and above like our real family. We protect them with our hands and heads. Captains usually have small teams of Soldiers / made men to work for them to be their "sales" manager kind of. They collect within a week a certain amount that the underboss decides. The made men/ soldiers can operate 1-2 associates normally and be their pals kind of. They can get help from them and so on. How to join the Famtiano Family We are very strict on joining and we do not mess around. We do not do application, rather than that we want to get to know our members so they will become our associates. Let us say that some of our members ( Soldiers, made men ) were at a cafe very often, that means we control that cafe and so on, let us say that if you sat at that cafe very often like us, we would have investigated in you. If we knew you were a cop or working for the goverment we would not bother talking to you. However if you were something else like a small time criminal or even a normal job within a normal company we would have asked you some stuff. To sum it all up, it all comes down to how you show your activity to us and your passion for our type of work. Of course this might be hard on the forums but you can always message people in the family and so on to get to know them better. Our current state Now we do not like to brag too much, but our current state is defently not poorly. We already have many official members and enough business deals and connections but if you ever want to make a deal or something then just contact us. We will not give out our current members details but maybe sooner in the future. Best regards the Famtiano Family Board.