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Found 1 result

  1. Note: If you feel your party has been misrepresented, please forum mail me about the issue. All scores are subject to frequent changes as we clean things up, or add new policies to the various parties. Any party with a score 75% or above is eligible to join the CCU. The CCU provides these scores to help conservative minded votes pick their candidate or political party. It also gives them a brief overview of the other parties. Member Parties: none. please contact the chairman to join this coalition. ___________________________________________________________________________________________ LAST SCORE UPDATE: 4/11/2018 ___________________________________________________________________________________________ Lucious Times ~ CCU Score: 77% Against large social security + Pro-Capitalism + Against (direct) Income Tax + Supports Tort reform + Pro freedom of religion + Pro School choice + Pro large environmental restrictions on the private sector - Against gov. Healthcare + Pro U.N - Supports an Income tax - Supports Private Property + Pro 2nd Amendment + Pro free speech + DLIMIT (P.R.P) ~ CCU Score: 12% Supports restrictions on speech - Supports social security - Against capitalism - Supports 2nd Amendment + Supports income tax - Against privatized healthcare - Violates private property - Pro Communism - FrancePourLaVie (FRONT NATIONAL) ~ CCU Score: 92% Supports an Income tax - Supports a flat tax + Against large social security + Pro-Capitalism + Supports Tort reform + Pro 2nd Amendment + Pro freedom of religion + Against gov. Healthcare + Against the U.N + Supports Private Property + Against the Death Penalty + Pro free speech + FRIES ~ CCU Score: 0% Supports an income tax - Supports a minimum wage - Supports government run healthcare - Supports gun control - Freedom & Prosperity Party ~ CCU Score: 100% Supports 2nd Amendment + Supports free speech + Pro Capitalism + Pro 4th Amendment + Against the Income tax + Against gov. Healthcare + The Hamilton Party ~ CCU Score: 33% Supports government run healthcare - Pro Freedom of Religion + Supports an Income tax - (not enough public information on the issues we cover to have an accurate score: score will likely be updated soon, and is subject to change) Radical Democratic Left Party (RDLP) ~ CCU Score: 0% (Not enough public information / not a serious party) TTP ~ CCU Score: 0% (Not enough public information / not a serious party) Why should you join the CCU? The CCU is one of the oldest political organizations. We provide conservative parties with the resources they need to win, and the citizens, the resources they need to stay informed. As a candidate / party The reason a candidate would want to join the CCU is clear. Providing that you agree with the majority of our platform, you have a direct way to almost automatically get recognition by our members. If endorsed for office by the CCU, you automatically receive an advantage against others on the ballot, how? Because members of the CCU will likely vote for you, since you share the common goals of this political organization. As a citizen As a citizen it is hard to stay informed politically, the CCU aims to help you differentiate the candidates. Candidates endorsed by the CCU share the views of our platform. This means you automatically get to know a little bit about who you are voting for, helping you make an informed decision.