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Found 2 results

  1. So actors win Oscars, musicians win Grammy's, I had the idea of hosting an official community engagement award ceremony on Discord! Below you will find a list of awards. You will all nominate someone for the award of your choice, or choices. If any given person receives more than 4 nominations, they will officially be recognised as an ICA Nominee. In a week or two, I will give you all the discord link and I will present the awards to the nominees who receive the most nominations in each category. List Of Awards ICA Politics Award - For whoever has been most active and engaging in the political arena ICA Business Award - For whoever has put a lot of effort into their business ICA Law Enforcement Award - For the law enforcement agent who has been engaging with the community the most ICA Entrepreneur Award - For the business owner with the most unique and original idea for a business ICA Diplomat Award - For someone who always contributes to discussions in an impartial and respectful manner ICA Support Award - For whoever is always there to answer any questions for anyone ICA Underworld Award - For the most lucrative criminal. Can go to a whole group. The Identity Masters Award - For the all-around best jack of all trades character on the forums I personally would like to nominate the following. @LuciousTimes for the ICA Politics Award @Norway174 for the ICA Law Enforcement Award @JamesLuck01 for the Support Award Please place your nominations below, I hope you like this fun little idea! P.S I think it would be cool to have a set of logos which correspond with each award. Something small that the winners can put in their signature as a trophy. Also one single logo for any nominee runner up. We obviously wont be able to enforce that only winners can wear this badge, but its a cool idea. If anyone could design some small, discreet logos please PM me. Thanks!
  2. So I'm just wondering if murder is going to be rewarding the killer with the victims possessions, and if so what's the amount of value, monetary or otherwise, that a victim looses.