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Found 1 result

  1. Pictures of Ash Hill (Asheville)

    I live just South of Asheville, NC. This is where Identity is taking place (Ash Hill). I kind of wondered if anyone was curious about what Asheville looks like, or what the vibe is, or what the people are like. So as a favor, I will go on request to places and landmarks around Asheville (to do things like take pictures and whatnot). Simply reply to this topic with your request. For example, "Go to Main Street and take some pictures", is acceptable and not too detailed. I can even do things like go to a specific street that you looked up. Maybe you want pictures of landmarks and such. I might also take videos on my iPhone :> I will do my best to get to all requests so please be patient. For now I have some stock images of downtown Asheville attached to this post... P.S. The devs on stream mentioned a radio station that plays in-game in Identity (somewhere I can't remember). The way they briefly described the station, it sounds like it will be "B93.7" Ryan Seacrest from American Idol is on there.