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Found 3 results

  1. After reading up on Identity, I discovered the Altis RPG mod and how it's tied to the upcoming game. So naturally, I decided to buy Arma III (it's on Steam sale right now) and find a random Altis server. I've been playing shooter games since the original Doom game came out in 1993, so of course I'd pick this game pretty easily right? Right? Holy crap. That's what I have to say about vanilla Arma III's learning curve. Reading maps properly, the funky unnatural key layout... it's quite confusing. And I made the mistake of joining an Altis server FIRST, before actually playing any vanilla Arma, which led to some hilariousness on my first go. Moments after joining a server, I was propositioned by a female player who offered to pay me $10,000 to be a sex slave. Seriously. Not knowing the RP terrain, I decided to reject her offer, and because I couldn't figure out the audio controls, that meant I had to run away from her as fast as I possibly could. Running down the road a ways, I ended up at a bank, but I couldn't figure out how to withdraw funds. I asked a bank patron politely for help, and he gruffly insulted me... so, being ever the avid GTA Online aficionado, I decided to steal his pickup truck and drive away. When someone informed me this wasn't cool of me, I tried to return that truck, only to have the man shoot at me. Panicked, I ran him over with his own truck, picked up his pistol, and drove away from town frantically, fearing I'd be arrested for vehicular manslaughter. Five minutes later, a player I assumed was a police officer started following me. His mic was super-quiet so I couldn't hear his commands. But it was nighttime, and the driving was a bit wonky, so I ended up smashing into a telephone pole. From here, I nervously escaped the vehicle and ran into an industrial-looking place, the apparent officer hot on my heels. I hid in the darkness, watching as the man ran around hunting for me. When at last he turned the corner behind which I was hiding, I raised my stolen pistol and unleashed a storm of bullets in the general direction of his face. I was now Matt the Copkiller, or so I thought, and I darted off into the woods hoping I'd never be found. That's when the guy angrily told me he was trying to help me by giving me money, a firearm, and some advice. I had just murdered someone who was trying to give me help. I can't even remember the last time I felt bad for something I did in a multiplayer session, if ever! Feeling bad, I found a new server, and this one has been super helpful. With more than 100 players, the server's denizens helped me get a driver's license, a boating license, and start fishing. I'm set up in a nice quiet town with a low crime rate (I've only been shot at once in the three hours I've played on that server). I can peacefully live out a civilian life of farming, and everyone has been super cool. I'm definitely hooked! My only gripe, one we all know Identity will rectify, is that I can't own and operate a business, at least not on the server I'm playing on (Grand Theft Arma, or perhaps that's the mod they're using? I'm still a total noob here lol). If there are English-speaking servers out there with larger populations where I could start a business of my own (buying property, creating products, and selling them to other players)I'd be game to give it a go. Is this even possible? Do such servers actually exist?
  2. Any Arma 3 Asylum OG's here?

    Yo what up Daddy Dimz here So if some of you come from Asylum you may already know me or will in the future...sorry if i rob you in the future but thats my kinda thrill, rebal is love rebal is life. Some of you may know me from my Imperium days or from some random youtube/twitch video on rust or Arma 3 or evenn just chilling around Kavala, but personally I bin waiting for this game to come out for ages so please hurry n finish If you don't know me here is a little about me Age: 23 on the 26th so its my bday tomorrow Hobbies: Love to game on Arma 3 have nearly 3600 hours, Freestyling, Chilling with my homies, Bmx riding In game hobbies: Making that $$$, Robbing people, Killing cops, Dealing drugs, you know the normal rebal stuff Questions: Not sure If i pledge more money if it will go into a better pledge like lets say i got the $50 but want to upgrade another $200 to get the $250 pledge does that work???
  3. Should I buy Arma III?

    Is it worth it to still buy Arma III? And play the altis life mod.