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Found 2 results

  1. Hi everyone! I think one of the most important things in making a game work well is the UI or user interface. Not only does it need to work well, but it needs to look pretty. I recently posted something similar to this in another thread, but I decided it might as well have its own thread where people can add other ideas. My favorite User Interface ever in a game can be found in Forza Horizon 3. I have mentioned this game quite a few times to the devs in order for inspiration for vehicle design and interaction. The UI is absolutely stunning and works incredibly to suit the needs of the game. The main menu is my favorite part, which happens to look a little bit like the start menu in Windows 8 and 10 (granted, Forza is a game produced by Microsoft). There are multiple tabs that are categorized for different uses and each tab has multiple things for you choose from to continue to the next menu. There are moving pictures and videos, as well as variation between picture backgrounds and opaque colored tabs. Some tabs even display news and will continue through all of the different things that the game would like to announce without you having the open the tab. Here is the best video on YouTube that I could find that exercises it without me having to make a video myself. I think that if the devs were going to use another game as inspiration, it should be this one. Many MMOs lack an original and beautiful UI, but I think that this could change with Identity along with the many other things that Identity is improving upon. Please leave feedback and further ideas in the comments, and please use specific game references if it is not an original idea of your own so that I can look them up! Thanks.
  2. Housing Inspiration

    Hi everyone! I have been a house geek for a while now, and I'd like to provide some ideas and some photos for the devs to work with when creating the many homes around the island! Please feel free to leave a suggestion of your own! Townhouses/Rowhouses These homes are most often found in inner cities. They are mostly historic, but there are more modern takes that are sometimes found in suburbs as well as in the cities. Cabin/Mountain Retreat These types of homes are most often found in mountainous areas with large and beautiful vistas overlooking landscape and sometimes nearby cities. Oceanfront/Beach Houses These homes are almost always on stilts to protect them home in case the tide comes in too far. They are often painted in bright and pastel colors. I imagine these homes being beachside in Turtle Beach on the island. American Foursquare These homes are most often found in the outskirts of cities and in rural villages. These homes usually have slim driveways and detached garages behind the home. Victorian These houses are most often found in cities and rural villages, but can sometimes be spotted in the suburbs. American Suburban These houses are most often found in neighborhoods in city suburbs. Split Level These homes are most often found in city suburbs and rural areas, but sometimes can be found in the outskirts of cities. Cape Cod These homes are most often found in rural areas and in city suburbs. New American These homes are most often found in city suburbs and in semi-rural areas. Farmhouse These homes are found in rural areas and are usually met with large porches, lots of land, and barns.