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Found 112 results


    Come Down And Watch Heres The Vid Also I was also really hoping for a jump animation but feel free to put your input on the stream
  2. I want to know if the game will have the enough servers to serve the players without waiting in queue like other new games, and if there will be queue how long will it be?
  3. I think that they should drop the regular rens and repeate stream. I think its relay backwards to limit your time to 15 minutes. Stuff can happen things can break witch is fine. But you should then plan for it. Lets say a problem with recording or stream, client or what ever. And you are left out of time? Futher more as the stream ends people will have questions. It makes more sense IMHO to do showcase first and then the community can ask some new questions. Cheers!
  4. More new tasks!

    Why are there more tasks? When will this town Square be ready if all your doing is throwing more new tasks in?
  5. Progress we would like?

    So I just read a post from the moderator Lucky Duck and he said the new website should be released hopefully by next week. Along with the website we should get some gameplay for the TS module. What do you guys think about this news?
  6. Town Square Map!

    Hey everyone, Diddly here. While we all patiently waited for the town square, I decided to comb through the screenshtos forums, trying to see as much as I could of Identity. However, while I saw quite a bit of in-game content, I didn’t know WHERE I would see it. I thought it would be fun if we came together as a community to create a fan made map of what we think the town square will look like. Please comment below and suggestions or ideas where buildings are, and make sure to post any screenshots you find. Please make sure the screenshots are only of buildings or landscape no individual furniture or anything. Just a fun little project I thought we would all enjoy. P.S. Anybody know how many npcs will be in a server, like GTA V or something?
  7. Maybe no one is wrong?

    Opinions are opinions. They’re not facts, and they’re definitely not right or wrong. In this community, I see a lot of support in different ways. You have those who are 100% positive and those who criticize but nevertheless back the game up. Both of these forms are pefectly fine. Support is support, just like opinions are opinions. At the end of the day, we both have the same goal. We all want this game to succeed and we all have supported and most of us pledged to help the devs. We’re all on the same team. I’d like to thank both sidees of this support, especially the critics because I feel they have recieved a little less love and a little more heat. Critics are important, they help you see your mistakes so you can fix them, even if they don’t sound the kindest, they still have the best intentions.
  8. So basically a lot of people said this game was gonna flop right after the failed April 23rd release of the Town Square and the community was going to die. I am here to say those people were wrong. I have never seen the community more active. I love how we are all fighting for the devs and we are loving every time the tasks get updated. Thanks Community. You guy are what helps the game live on!!
  9. hope for the best!

    Hi everyone I pledged again (€30) to become MOTORIST. I'm really hoping that this game will be what they promise. I seeing so much bad comments why? Ok people are sick of waiting but how longer we wait how better the game will be. ( thats what i believe ) How long until release Town Square module? ( Task Tracker ) If i could choose i wanna be a police officer in game or maybe even bussines man. What about you guys how do you see this game? What life would you choose?
  10. Vehicles in Town Square?

    Hey guys, just wanted to create a forum where you guys can out what kind of vehicles you think will be in the town square. Personally I think bikes will be in TS, as they have shown concept art for it. What do you think?
  11. Step inside my office! We're in the home stretch, now. The Town Square module is almost ready to go, and now you can follow the Asylum developers as we approach the release. Exactly two weeks ago we launched the new Identity Task Tracker; check out that link, or click the big green button on the Identity website. The task tracker shows you our progress from the point of release a couple of weeks ago until now, and we update every weekday. This tracker displays the data right out of our own project management software that we use to drive and organize the developers inside the studio. All tasks on the tracker are those that remained as of two weeks ago up to the point we consider the Town Square module to be ready for release. These are not all of the tasks we've done (there've been thousands), but just the ones remaining. I'm pretty proud of the progress our guys are making each day. It's only been a couple of weeks but you'll see the majority of those tasks are marked completed! It's really amazing what a team of this size can do when it has such talent. Keep your eye on the tracker; when our important tasks there are done it's time for a Steam release! We're all extremely excited over here. Town Square barber shop interior, work in progress The World Wide Wait An all new Identity website is very, very close to release. In fact, it's so close that we're only waiting on a technology partner to finalize their end of things. Our new website enhances the style of our existing site but is focused far more on improved functionality. A very robust new account system is in place to help you get in the game, and our new shop has some other big requested features! Finally, you'll be able to pay with dozens of methods (PayPal, credit cards, PaySafe and more) and even gift purchases to your friends. With the release of the new website also comes the return of the Identity Insider. The Insider will be a monthly detailed addition to the website, containing all sorts of information you may not have heard before and diving deep into a specific Identity gameplay topic. Our current pledge packages will remain on the website for only one week after the new website launches. After that, many of those rewards will never be sold again and those which are will be a bit more expensive as we prepare for retail pricing. Now's the time to join in the support of Identity's development if you have been on the fence! A look inside the Asylum Everyone at Asylum has been working like crazy. The poor guys are in overdrive and won't be slowing down anytime soon. In fact, just this last week we hired four new programmers to join the team, more than doubling the programmer team size, to ensure that we can get content to you faster. I've myself continued to put a lot of development hours in when I'm not busy with business stuff. I've added some interesting things in the last weeks including substance use and effects. You won't need to spend your time in the Town Square digitally sober! Mark, our graphic designer, has been taking his excellent art into the game engine with the creation of wallpapers for homes as well as a bunch of clothing options. I hoped to have a couple dozen cool wall options available to start with the Town Square release. When I looked over his shoulder today it was somewhere around 300. Wow, I can't even imagine the options when crafting decorations is introduced on top of that. We're pretty much ready to go on the art side of things. Those who follow us on Twitch will have seen Jade/Lee has finished will all of the housing floorplans and the final touches are being done to integrate them into the game today. A lot of our floorplans are based on pop-culture; see if you can identify them. You'll have the chance to walk through them in the Town Square to help with your home-buying decisions. Keep an eye on our Twitch streams! We're going to be showing some cool stuff quite soon. It's been a long wait for the Town Square release, but the wait is almost over. The Twitch Clips If you've been following Identity's development closely, you probably already know that developers stream their work live on the Identity Twitch channel every Tuesday and Thursday. We also use that time to answer almost every question that gets asked about Identity's development and gameplay. Now that we've been doing this a while, we've answered a lot of questions. Our awesome community manager, BeachBall, has taken the time to compile a massive list of questions linked to clips where they're answered by a developer. Get comfy and head over to the Twitch Clips Directory forum thread. If you haven't found this already, be prepared to spend a good bit of time listening to all sorts of awesome information. This is the best place to get to know the fine details Identity! -- John VanderZwet
  12. Town Square Release Date

    Hey guys, I’d like to share my guess for the release date of the town square. So far, it has taken the devs 14 days to complete 32/64 of the remaining tasks. So, based off this, it should take another 14 days to complete the other half, giving us a release date of around May 17th. Yes, yes I know different tasks take a different amount of time, but I thought it’d be a fun thing to do while we’re waiting for the much anticipated release of the town square. Share your own guesses down below. Cheers!
  13. Town Square Module Size?

    With the coming release of the town square, I was wondering how big the Town Square Module is going to be. How much of the map are they going to give us? And how will they make the border of the map? Will there just be fences or seomtjing or will it just cut off?
  14. Quick Thank You

    Hey everyone just wanted to express my appreciation for this website, I think it's really convenient and while I know we're getting a new one, I'm a little sad to see this one go. Anyways, the layout is pretty nice and it's really easy to navigate around this site, I love the profile editor as it was easy for me to upload all my youtube art on here. Gonna miss the site, but excited for the release of the new website and town square in the near future!
  15. I was wondering how long the town square servers will be up and running for. Is it going to be available up until full release or only for a certain period of time like an alpha or beta? Thanks
  16. Hey everyone! So here is what I am trying to figure out. How big is the town square going to be? I know that it will be big enough for apartments, but will I be able to use my car? Would it even be worth it to use the car, or just walk around? Will there be a countryside for drug making, like in the trailer video? Thanks for anyone who can answer my question.
  17. YOUTUBE GOLD Go sub to me!!! Once the modules come out I will be posting like crazy on updates and other things. Always been a dream to become youtube famous!!! HAHA
  18. Task Tracker Not Updated?

    Hey I noticed the task tracker hasn't been updated in two days when they said they would update it everyday... Thoughts?
  19. Town Square Release

    Hey guys, with the upcoming release of the town square I’d like to know what you like most about Identity so far, or what you want to do in the game. Personally, I’m really excited for the graphics, and just a fresh new modern day realistic game. I’m gonna have tons of fun just doing random crazy stuff with all of you, whether were running a drug cartel or simply owning a clothing shop. Anyways, comment what you’re looking forward to most! It’d be great if we could get the devs in on this so tag them. @Paratus @Beach_Ball
  20. A third delay?

    Hey guys, out of curiosity, what would you do if ANOTHER delay occured? Im not sure about myself, but I do know the devs need to start showing transparency towards their community, as I have not seen much of them in the forums lately except for moderators.... *cough cough* @Beach_Ball @Paratus Anyways, share your opinions. I wonder when the new website or even when the trailer is launching (if that’s not delayed too)
  21. I just got one question to ask everyone and I'm curious what the results will be. The question is very simple.
  22. Here we all meet again. It's been some time, but I kept with the media. So, let's get to it then. This is my opinion, you don't have to share it, but at least respect it. Here we are again. Town Square module gets delayed AGAIN with no good reasons why. There has to be a point where even the die hard fans of this game have to admit that this is just bad. When they released an alright video that really didn't show much and what it did show was old and unfinished work the community went crazy. When the devs pushed back the release date of the module people were not happy, but willing to wait for a fully completed module. Now, months later than the original release date the module is being pushed back even further. The devs shouldn't be even thinking about an "official release date" if they can't even release a solid good video. Mentioning videos, weren't the devs supposed to drop a new video that shows the Town Square Module? Correct me if I'm wrong, but they said in the last dev blog they'll release a video to compensate for the first delay. Which still hasn't even came out yet. So what's the deal? Here comes my opinion, the devs got too excited and gave out an "official release date" which they could never provide evidence that it could be done within that time frame. They realize they were not gonna come close to getting it done for that launch date so they pushed it back a month. Why would they push it back only a month if the game needed so much more work? The answer is this: They wanted to keep the positivity going with the fans so they pushed it back just a month because everyone can deal with a month. Now if they came out and said "Hey guys, the module still needs a lot more work and we underestimated it. So to assure the module gets completed with no problems were delaying the launch for a few months". That sounds a lot better until the last sentence, " a few months". I don't know about you, but one months sounds a lot better than a few months and I wouldn't oppose it. So here we are again. The devs said they can get the module ready in a month, but in reality they knew very well it couldn't be done. So they pushed it back another month. You're probably wondering "Where's the evidence?". So here it is: Depending on the date you look at this it might be different than the one I'm talking about. If you scroll all the way down to the Asylum Task Tracker. I'm skipping the Bug Tracker info. Art The 2D graphics is finished. Animations: 1 in progress and 2 completed. Character Art: 1 New. Environment: 5 In progress and only 1 completed. Props: 1 finished. Technical Art: 8 new and 5 finished. UI and UX: 1 in progress and 2 completed. Programming Gameplay: 8 new, 1 finished, 1 in testing, and 1 in progress. Systems: 4 new and 1 in testing. User Interface: 6 new, 5 in progress, and 3 completed. So after first looking at it I was very shocked. I mean look at it. The devs had the beginning of the announcement date for the Town Square Module (back in 2017) to the first delay. They were never ready for the first Official Launch Date even if they wanted to be. Facts speak for themselves and what I see here is a lot of "New" and "In Progress" tasks that yes are based off of April 19, 2018, but still shouldn't outnumber the completed tasks at this point like they do. Having just got clarification these tasks are the ones remaining since April 19, 2018. So they made a lot more progress than displayed (they really should show the tasks completed since the first delay, since that is what we want to know. How much work needed to be done and how much did they finish from then to now). But, like I said before there is absolutely no way this module could have been finished a month ago or even today. With proper organization the devs should of been able to see that there's no way they could get this done with the original and first delay timeline. Therefore, they should of delayed it for the CORRECT amount of time needed to get this module out for everyone and not say "It'll be done in a month" when they know very well it wouldn't be. So there it is. I wanted to give my opinion. Now please correct me if I'm wrong in any of this. I didn't create this thread to cause hatred towards the devs. I created this to broaden people's perspectives on this whole situation. To give them all of the details. So once again if I made a mistake in this let me know. I will be glad to make changes if needed. I truly want this game to come out and I still support it. Yes, I support it though I just gave reasons that may say the opposite. Those reasons were to help others. Knowing that already hasn't made me hate the game or the devs, but I want to see proper treatment that we all deserve.
  23. At first I was annoyed but 4 hours ago the tracker has been updated and it most certainly looks promising I do believe it will not take long for the release of town Square so please be patient this game is going to be amazing keep up the good work asylum team
  24. The past months here at the studio have been hectic, but our labors are paying off. It is with regret that I must make the decision to push back the public release of the Town Square module from April 23; however, the delay will be quite minor. Because this is now the second delay to an official firm release date, and because we expect this delay to be short-lived, we are as of this announcement releasing the Asylum Task Tracker. The new task tracker, visible on the Town Square section of the official website (here's a link for you), offers the Identity community and fans absolute transparency in our development progress. You can now see the tasks we have to complete before we're ready for the module to be publicly available. It will be updated each and every day. The list is not long, and displays all tasks since the tracker was created only a day ago. When all of the tasks are completed, of which none are major, Town Square will be released on Steam and available for play. Furthermore, the new Identity website is on schedule for a release just next week! The new website will come with all sorts of cool new features and we'll be building on it constantly as we move forward, too. With the release of the new website, I'm also going to begin regular Identity Insider releases. These Insider publications will add a ton of very detailed information on key systems within Identity. Delays are unfortunately a reality of all game development, whether a game is being produced by a large studio with hundreds of developers or a small team, such as ours, with only dozens. We faced unforeseeable technical issues recently; however, all of the issues we had have been fully resolved and, as you can see with the new tracker, release is extremely close. As soon as we get some final bits of art in place, we're going to compile a Town Square trailer video and begin showing off the game and environments on our development streams. So to sum it all up, keep an eye on the new tracker (see that link above) and follow our progress. The tracker will be updated once per day as it has to be done manually. Once we get our production software updated so that it can be automated, it'll be a live display. I also want to say that you to our loyal community and fan-base. Delays are never a fun thing to experience with any game, so everyone here in the studio is working overtime like crazy to get you into our world. You'll be in the Town Square very soon and this is going to make the game a much better experience. I'm really excited for our first module release as it's shaping up to be a really fun and beautiful experience. In fact, the Town Square is much more than I even though it would have been early on; I'm extremely happy with what we've put together. I hope you enjoy the peak behind the scenes with the new task tracker and we'll be seeing you in the square soon!
  25. Only a few more day

    Only a few more days left... what are y'all thinking