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Found 2 results

  1. Rate the communities!

    So, as I wander through the forum, I keep getting better and better vibes about this community, that's when I got curious about what you guys think. I'm not usually one to post new content on forums, but since we are all here, basically doing the same (aka. looking forward to the release)... Lets have fun! What are some of the best/worst communities out there? I'll start (for obvious reasons): Worst for me - League of Legends - From the toxic players to the not-so-helpful critics, it's just sad and I end up just muting everyone. Best for me - EVE Online - Since my first few minutes in-game, everyone was truly helpful and really polite. Thanks for listening! Bye bye
  2. Rate Ppl's Favourite Movie!

    Start out by rating the movie above you, than naming one of your favourite movies include year it was made in case its a remake or something. Avatar 2009.