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Found 16 results

  1. Hiring News Reporter

    Hey ! Im hiring a news reporter for my tv channel.. I will pay good .. If you want reply to this topic and we can talk What will you do ? : Always be at the place that the notice happen.. I also want to hire a camera man and a graphic designer to make the channel logo PS: I will create a youtube channel to post our news.
  2. Should Marijuana be legal? Please Reply with what you think about it and also give your opinions on why it should be or why it shouldn't be.
  3. See the top 5 companies our analysts are watching. Questions/discussion welcome.

    A SIMPLE AND DIRECT QUESTION WHAT DO YOU EXPECT TO SEE IN IDENTITY? (Let's make this publication several ideas)
  5. The peoples independent media network (PIMN) Parent organization: The peoples development foundation About us: The peoples independent media networks mission is to provide the people of identity with a media network that gives truthful independent information about important subjects such as politics,culture,music,society, the general news and the economy. Making a profit from selling ad spaces also, The peoples independent media network will be a service provided by the peoples development foundation. Services we provide: news, political information service, economic information service, social information service, music and culture information service and advertisement service. Information about each service: The news: this service will cover all information and events around identity but summarised to remain relevant and interesting for all service users. Political information service: this service will explore the political landscape of identity and its party's, providing the public with in depth reports and summary's of events with in the political world of identity. Economic information service: this service will provide information about the economy and the different emerging markets Social information service: This service will be reporting on all of the different subjects that the other services report on but showing the effect it is having on sociality may it be good or bad. Music and culture information service: this service report on subjects such as music,films,art and literacy. Job vacancy's: Within company jobs: Chief editor/ service manager: This person will be charge of the PIMN, the role involves ensuring that the PIMN is efficiently run and reporting back to the PDF about company statistics. This role requires a person who is not affiliated with any political party or the government and dedicated to providing the people of identity with the truth. Chief technology manager: This person will be in charge of the tech department and how the service get delivered to the people of identity and exploring new ways. Manager of the advertisement department: This person will be in charge of the advertisement department which is how the PIMN gets its income from. Manager of the news service: This person will be in charge of the news service, this person will have to work with reporters, informants, analysts and writers to produce interesting, relevant and truthful story's to present to the public Manager of the political information service Economic information service Social information service Music and culture information service Political analyst Outsourced jobs: Graphics designer/ artist If you are interested in joining the PIMN please contact me saying which vacancy you are applying for and why you would be best for that role.
  6. The Identity Weekly

    The Identity Weekly is founded today. We hope to bring you interesting and immersive news, keeping you updated.
  7. News Team/Journalism?

    E.g a newspaper or some kind of news system would be pretty cool. Could interview the political figures and report on crimes, etc... Anyone interested respond to this, I'd be willing to try and make it work.
  8. The Quarter

    The Quarter. The free weekly newspaper to keep you updated on all things Identity, without ever taking up more than a quarter of an hour of your time- guaranteed. Yes, you heard that right, free! Each week, read about anything and everything, from business, politics, crime and more! With a team of dedicated reporters, be sure to get the latest news from across all of the Identity universe. The Quarter will be distributed across multiple Identity servers, and the latest copy will be released every single Wednesday. Since launching in 1959, The Quarter has seen great successes, and is well renowned for bringing you the ideas that matter. However, we also believe that the world we live in is constantly moving, and so innovation is key. Hence, you can also read The Quarter online, so you can keep up to date, on the go. “Journalism is literature in a hurry.” Matthew Arnold © 2017 The Quarter News, a member of the Sheeran Media Group and its affiliated companies. All rights reserved.
  9. There should be an AI generated daily newspaper that creates standard articles with stock photos for simplicity. The most outstanding event of the day makes the front page. It could be a major bank heist or drug bust. In business news impressive sales or corporate achievements would be covered. The social page will cover any large gatherings of note. It gets delivered to each player in the morning for no fee so everyone can read the paper. If you make the news there will be an option to mount that page in a frame and hang it on your wall! A copy of every paper can be found in the library so you can copy that page for your house should you ever miss that time you were front page news. This will allow people who make the news often to become famous (real life has famous people) or notorious and also be the source for seeing what our government officials are up to. It's also a great natural way to get IDENTITY info to your population and allow players to advertise or even place personal ads in the classified section. Reading this paper will motivate and inspire people and it's contents will be great to talk about with others!
  10. Press

    Will there be an in game news company or press that go around and can interview people or maybe have those large cameras and record scenes of terrorist attack aftermath or things ike real life, weather forecast, local things that have happened etc. and maybe we could watch it on the TV. Will this be a thing?
  11. INN (Identity News Network)

    I wanted to create a news network to keep all the citizens informed of happenings and current events. I saw where the devs mentioned being able to write books and the like, I was wondering if there would be any sort of potential to create a newspaper of sorts; potentially have reporters interviewing people and writing up columns for a sellable in-game news. I like to believe this is an original idea of mine, and ultimately my prioritized goal at this junction in time. The only issue being, I'm not certain how possible it is going to be given what little i know/ understand of the current/upcoming mechanics. Any thoughts or ideas are welcome. Any sort of feedback from a developer about the possibility of doing this would be great too =D
  12. I don't know if something like this is in the works, but there should be some kind of competitive racing motorsport league(s). If it isn't feasable, then a simple underground one will work fine, but I think if this game stays true and adds content continuously this can really add another popular area of gameplay. I also do not really know how far in depth this game will go. Maybe to go along with this and other careers there can be a news/television career that can do interviews, report news, commentate on sports and events, etc. It would be nice to have multiple player based news or TV stations. Note: These should probably be a in the not-so-near future so a stable base game can be made and fit enough typical audiences to have a large playerbase before specific careers like these are added. I could list more but I'll refrain. tl;dr: A professional racing career area, and a news/television career area to be made way later on in the dev cycle, if additional things like this will be added
  13. "Our Dreams" speech by Jakob Nunes placed here I want to hear your thoughts on it and what you think this was rped on tv so if your character watches the news just emote his thoughts here is an example: *Reginald looked at the TV watching FNN and seemed to be slightly amazed by Jakob's speech as he got ready for work motivating him to do so* *On the TV a man with blonde hair and green eyes speaking on the TV under the section of politics on FNN (Future News Network) it shows a name beneath the man as he sits down at the news room table "Jakob Nunes former Marine running for governor" his what lies underneath him every time the camera points to him, then after a while that looks like unimportant bickering he opens his mouth to speak* "Well we both need to understand what we should represent, this shouldn't be about who we are or what we did but who we stand for and it should be the people and their dreams rather than promoting them you discourage them to work and begin hardship for them making them think everyday that their dream is not possible and let it collect dust on a shelf I'm here to represent that those dreams are living and with me they can happen, together we can create a future that we could all live in." *everyone including the news lady known as Clara stops a second and looks around kind of suprised but then Jakob nods* "And that's the truth."
  14. HELLO identity brothers... We need to publish identity everywhere we need to make the people to know about. our community is above 6000 members and we need to publish the game in twitter , facebook, youtube everywhere, we need to establish fan bases in social network. LETS WORK TOGETHER. on every video on youtube just write in comment section about identity and put the twitter account and the website url and u made ur job, LETS UNITE TO MAKE IDENTITY BIGGER,STRONGER,POPULAR THAN EVER LETS MARCH
  15. Player Broadcasted Channels!

    Imagine driving home after a long day of work, while doing so you pop on the radio to listen to some music, but what you are hearing is a radio broadcast which is being made by players. An example of what I mean would be; say you get a DJ in things like DarkRP in gmod, they have the role of playing random music, where as with this job, the presenter has a full on studio where they can switch between news, music, calls and even their own voice! So after you have finally arrived at your home, you find you have some spare time, so you pop on the tv and listen to the news. Currently on the news you hear about murders and criminalistics things that some of the players are doing. The whole thing would be filmed by one person holding a camera (which I would say would be better if it came under weapons and you had to buy it) and another with a mic at the current scene, then it switches back to the studio where the news is being presented. Not long after that you kinda get bored, so you go on your phone and you search YouTube/Twitch (or whatever), and watch someone's old video, then have a look at someone live streaming something! You know, just an idea Kind Regards - TOMA HAWK569
  16. bonus content images?

    just an idea but i think it'd be great if we were able to see some of these bonus items we receive depending on what we pay, such as the the cars, bikes and apartments that are included. the reason id like to see these is because im still not sure what to go for, was thinking of the version with basics and the beta because i haven't seen that much on the game itself but if i seen things like the things you get with the "biker" version and i seen this nice apartment and a kick ass chopper or something id be tempted to spend that little extra for that better experience on day one. but id like to know how everyone else feels about this issue and id like to ask what version you guys are going for so far? just for an idea of the communities opinion on pricing and content. id also like to know if these items are exclusive to the people who buy a certain pack, id have mixed feelings if that was the case, would feel a little like its.. not "pay to win" but something along those lines but at the same time i'd still kind of want those items a little more because of the exclusiveness around them.