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Found 54 results

  1. Work hours

    What do you think the work hours will be? There are jobs with mostly repetitive tasks. It would be boring to be an accountant working 50%of playtime.
  2. Trains!

    So as said "train stations are located throughout the land" My question is then will this be automatically driven or will you be able to archery work as a "train driver" And then when you go on a train will you then just be sitting down all the time or will you have the possibility to walk around and maybe do a little train captur to use it as a "escape train"
  3. Job Listings- Atlas Corporation

    Atlas Job Listings Atlas Corporation needs Your help, and the best way to help us, help you is to sign up to Atlas. Signing up to Atlas grants you access to all things offered to Atlas members for free (in case you have a business on the side). The contract can be left at any given moment unless you have a high position. In the comments jobs will show up. To apply to any of these jobs you should send Joel_is_online a private message. NO APPLICATIONS IN THE COMMENTS!
  4. illegal/legal weapons dealing

    you can take this as a question or descusion, but will there be a way for players to produce and distribute illegal firearms? i have heard about that there is going to be plenty of weapons in identity and im curiouse as to weather some of theese guns will be outloawed and will have to be sourced illegaly from an arms dealer that knows his stuff. i mean we all know that theres gona be player owned buildings, but how will drug/illegal firearm distribution work? i would assume you would own a warehouse and would have to store the weapons there, and actually go out on the street to deal weapons. idk, post your views/ideas on how the illegal comododtie distribution mechanic should work sorry for the terrible spelling, happy new year and GO IDENTITY!!!!!!!!!!