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Found 54 results


    MODREN AN IDENTITY CLOTHING LINE _________________________________ *THIS POST WILL BE UPDATED CONSTANTLY. THIS IS NOT THE FINAL VERSION.* MODREN is a clothing line that will open as soon as Identity releases. We plan to be an aggressive yet smart clothing store. Our style is packed with inspiration from all over the world. Our designs span from abstract art to simple and soothing vibes. Our business has one location near the water where you can shop the finest clothing and walk less than 100 feet and be at the edge of the ocean. To accomplish the things we are planning we are going to need your help! Applications will be announced soon. Make sure to mark this post because you'll want to be apart of this team and the next generation of clothing. (The exact location is to be announced.)
  2. Poll about police roles

    Hello all fellow officers! I know K-9s have a high chance of not happening till after game if funding occurs so please shut your fucking mouth (Not trying to be harsh but I know a decent amount of you are going to say things..)
  3. Exactly what the title says. What is your goal in Identity? My goal is to start off as a mugger/drug dealer and slowly build my money up until I can find a place to live, and then get a job in the transportation industry. After I make some good money I'll eventually quit the job, get some nice clothes, a decent house, a decent vehicle, etc. After that, I'll either join a Mafia, MC, or a Street Gang. From that point on I'll just try to work my way up to being a somewhat significantly high rank in the organization I'm in. I'll grind my money up and buy the things I've wanted and try to have as much fun as possible no matter how boring the circumstance is.
  4. Marine

    Hey guys I finally had money to help you gus on the way i have heard something about that the map will have a few island, and then i thought if their is a chance to be able to make a carier as a captain on a passenger ferry and ship these people around to the islands and in your trailer there is a short shot of a yacht, can you show us more of the boat and whater side of the game looking forward to be able to get into the beta best regards' Ólavur
  5. Oil Rigs?

    we saw a boat in the gameplay trailer for identity what i want to know is if you can construct or purchase oil rigs out to sea or inland oil deposits to mine to gain money. another thought would be, if we could, what would the oil be used for?
  6. Money Question

    Question. I see that you have to pay for beta access and for homes or a car. When the game DOES release, do you have to actually pay for the game. Last question is, can you just get a job in the game and earn money to buy a house and car instead of having to pay with real life money?
  7. Money Question

    Question. I see that you have to pay for beta access and for homes or a car. When the game DOES release, do you have to actually pay for the game. Last question is, can you just get a job in the game and earn money to buy a house and car instead of having to pay with real life money?
  8. Heyy Identians! It just occured to me that there may or may not be celebrities/singers in the game. I was just wondering if anyone had any further information on this. Here's a basic question, "Will it be possible to pursue a career as a singer/musician? Will you be able to record songs and submit them to Identity's live radio stations?"
  9. Leather making/Taxidermy

    Hello, I am new to this whole experience and is very excited to buying one of the packs ranging around 60 - 100$. As the first module will be released and I get into the game, I have a lot to expect from the game but not worried about its faults and other things that may make the experience dull. But on the other hand I do wish to become a Leather maker for all Hunters and a Taxidermist for those who killed an animal and wish to have it on their shelves or posted on the wall. The store would be set up in TownSquare or somewhere else so you guys will know where to find me whenever you want leather or an animal stuffed. The staff members will be about 3 to 4 other players, (One manning the Cash register.) (The 2 would be the ones making sure the store is in pristine condition.) (And the last member would help any customer if they seem confused about the products.) How big the store will be is not specified.
  10. Deep sea diving?

    We all know right now that the closest to aviation in identity we're going to get is gliders possibly in the future. But we know for a fact that boats are going to be included (in the gameplay trailer) what I want to know is.. will there be diving and diving kits along with fauna and flora to discover, maybe even some lost treasures to find and make a living off of?
  11. Closed By Creator

    -CLOSED BY CREATOR- (dont suppose a mod could remove this topic i created, i have no use for it now and dont know if i can delete it or not, ive looked everywhere for a "delete topic" button but nothing )
  12. Lumos Distribution Inc.

    Welcome to Lumos Lumos is a high end clothing apparel brand which highlights the ideals of what clothing brands should focus on. We are looking to hire several employees of all fields in order to succeed in the prosperous world of Identity. Below is some concept art which is open to modification from our design department. DM me @eviljake29 or leave a comment below if you are interested in an opportunity to be hired. What we are looking for We are currently hiring: [4] designers [2] shippers [2] marketers [4] retailers [2] managers [3] board members [1] child company (For investment purposes) Applying The format for a application is as follows: Job Position: Qualifications: How will i benefit Lumos: Weekly hour(s): Concept Art
  13. identity

    Mi career would be a restaurant owner , or car seller.
  14. I've heard that many things are able to be edited, but I'm wondering, would I for say, be able to buy a plot of land, and be able to hire workers to build a blueprint I get an architect to make, of a building? Because, that would be extremely awesome, I could have an EPIC custom house, or even my own building! But, I feel that, sorry for the inappropriateness, there would be oddly-shaped, disgusting buildings around... So, maybe it has to be approved first? Also, how cool would the game be, if you could become a mechanic, and make little inventions in a garage or something, and sell the blueprints to people for a wad of cash, and earn 50% of each sale. That would be a game-changer, how cool would it be if someone managed to create a hover-car, and it goes viral?! There could even be stores that can buy the blueprints for items, and sell them! If the game worked like that, I would buy the game twice! Just imagine the possibilities! Custom choppers, boats, etc. Last question concerning Boats, would you be able to find and claim islands in the game, or is that for the later stages? Thanks for reading, and I hoe you have a great time!
  15. Hiring Staff/security NFFA PARTY

    Good Day The New Fathers of Federation are hiring and we need you! We have a number of positions open, become apart of something bigger then yourself, meet great people and have fun in your career. Visit here to apply
  16. Jobs & How they function

    So I was thinking about different jobs there could be and as I thought more about it, I came to this conclusion: Sure we could have a list of jobs like any other game might have, but how do you make it more specific? more unique? Herein lies my idea: Make different jobs have different content available for players to use. For example, say there is a barbershop or hairsalon job. The only way players could change their hairstyles and change their hair types is to purchase services by a player who's job or business is a barbershop or hairsalon. The player who runs a barbershop or hairsalon as job would gain a job tree that makes it so they can provide haircuts and hair styles to the rest of the population. Just my first thought on it. The barbershop was just a simple example... but this idea could be applied to many different jobs and make them more relevant and useful to players that don't want to just stand and chop wood or something... nothing wrong with that, but variety is nice What does everyone else think?
  17. Dear readers, We as a company are looking for two private Chauffeurs. You will need to provide your own vehicle for the first month then an armoured 2017 Cadillac ESV will be provided to you (When you are on Duty and Driving Us around). When you are not driving us you will get to do what you want, but when we ask for your services we expect you there ASAP. This is a full job and you will be paid accordingly. You will transport high value people. Thank you, Some Lemon
  18. Chauffer Wanted

  19. Recuriting Models

    ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hello citizens of Identity Island. At Folie Couture we are looking for people to model our Clothes, Bags and Shoes. Along with payment you will receive an in store discount of 35%. ------------------------- If you are interested fill in this form and leave it below. --------------------------- Name: Age: Height: Ethnicity: Hair Color: Eye Color: Head Shot (if applicable): ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  20. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------- About us -------------------------------------------------- Folie is one of the leading high fashion luxury goods manufacturers based in Identity Island. We specialize in Luxury leather goods, Clothing and Shoes such as Handbags, Purses, Wallets, Coats, Tops, Skirts, Dresses, Trousers, Stocking, Boots, Heels, Flats and Sneakers. We offer a variety of additional services in store to ensure the best shopping experience. -------------------------------------------------- Additional services -------------------------------------------------- Custom Designs If you are looking for a certain Size, Pattern or Shape we offer custom Clothing, Handbags and Shoes. You can submit your design to one of our associates or work personally with one of our specially trained designers. Personal Shoppers If you don't have the time to come into our store or but still want a personalized experience we offer specially trained Personal Shoppers who will select items that would match your requests and will have them delivered to you. Food & Drink We offer a selection of exclusive food and drink made by our professional chefs to ensure a comfortable shopping experience. -------------------------------------------------- Our Products -------------------------------------------------- Dresses Coats Suits Shoes Sneakers Boots Heels Handbags -------------------------------------------------- Prices -------------------------------------------------- Handbags 1000-1,000,000+ Jewelry 150-1,000,000+ Clothing 60-50,000 Shoes 150-35,000 -------------------------------------------------- Jobs -------------------------------------------------- -Designer- 3 -Photographer- 5 -Model- 6 -Security- 6 -Delivery- 4 -Sales Associate- 15 -P.R- 1 -Intern- 3 -Director of Finance - 1 -Model Scout- 2 Message Bella_B to apply for a job! ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Store Location --------------------------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  21. Salary, income, work, job

    Hey again guys! I was wondering how the money and employment works in this game, from what I understand you can work within diffirent areas. But how does it work? Do you actually work? Can someone spread some light to me on this subject! And what type of salaries are we talking, low vs high income /month. This is a topic I would love to know more about! Have a great monday! Whiskey
  22. Sign Waver

    Soooooooo i was thinking today, might people be able to be sign wavers? Can a business owner employ people to stand on the corner and advertise a their business? Just a thought that popped in my head while I was driving today and saw one lol.
  23. Common Jobs

    There's a lot of careers in this thread that aren't exactly very common, for example Assassins aren't very common around the world. So i wanted to list down a few common jobs that would create more options for a player. White Collar = Office Jobs Blue Collar = Manual Jobs ________________________________________________________________________________________________________ -White Collar Jobs- Stock Broker A stockbroker is a regulated professional individual, usually associated with a brokerage firm or broker-dealer, who buys and sells stocks and other securities for both retail and institutional clients, through a stock exchange or over the counter, in return for a fee or commission. Stockbrokers are known by numerous professional designations, depending on the license they hold, the type of securities they sell, or the services they provide Insurance Claims examiners work inside an office to handle the claims filed by those insured. Sometimes, they work with private investigators or adjusters who visit the site or the property for which a claim is filed. This includes workers' compensation, health, liability, automotive, home, property and business insurance. As a claims examiner, you typically require certification for the field of insurance, computer experience and self-motivation and discipline. Accounting Whether you work for an accounting firm or in the accounting department of a business or public entity, there are many types of office jobs in the accounting field. These jobs include file clerks, billing or accounts payable clerks, payroll supervisors, general-ledger accountants, project accountants, accounting managers, supervisors and controllers. ________________________________________________________________________________________________________ -Blue Collar Jobs- Electrician Specializing in electrical wiring of buildings and related equipment. Electricians may be employed in the construction of new buildings or maintenance of existing electrical infrastructure. Boilermaker Works in nuclear and fossil power plants, shipyards, refineries and chemical plants, on boilers, pressure vessels, and similar equipment. Carpet Layer One who specializes in laying carpet Heavy Equipment operator A driver and operator of heavy equipment used in engineering and construction projects ________________________________________________________________________________________________________
  24. Custom Job Titles

    So can you set custom job titles so people can tell you apart easily? Like a man who farms melon can have a melon farmer job title but as long as it doesn't int fer with predefined jobs such as Cop. Also you can freelance I assume from the Q/A board and just be a mercenary?
  25. Art and Galleries

    I am curious to how in depth the art would be. I seen that you can paint pictures for your homes (shown in clip). I would love to be able to sell art pieces for others to purchase. Making this into a career someone could possibly do. A great way to get the pictures out there is by having Art Galleries that people can make bids on. After so long, The art piece will be sold and given to the new owner. I feel this would be a great way to incorporate peoples skills/talents they have to help those decorate their homes... who want pictures but can't paint...